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  • Sales Reps - East/West

    Two US sales reps are needed, one for East and one for West. The reps will travel daily to visit distributors and dental laboratories and make sales. Candidates must have good communication skills and know the dental products.

    Send resume to or call Michelle Deng at 0086-21-6162-9296 (mobile) or 0086-186-0211-6029.

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  • CAD/CAM Technician

    Jensen Dental provides digital dental laboratory solutions including equipment such as furnaces, scanners and milling machines, as well as CAD/CAM software, materials and training. Our Technical Services Team provides Customer Support for these products both remotely and on-site nationwide to our dental lab customers who depend on Jensen for...

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  • Laboratory Sales Person

    Person will be selling dental laboratory services pertaining to our needs and services, such as crowns, implants, bridges and veneers etc. to new or existing customers in assigned area. Creates prospect list and gets new accounts. Contacts and interacts directly with potential, new, and existing customers or clients, which may be individual...

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  • Denture Technician

    Anchorage area lab is looking for an experienced denture technician for full-time employment. Candidate should have comprehensive knowledge of all procedures associated with complete and partial dentures and implant bar/locator retained dentures. Candidate would be responsible for overseeing denture department and hiring support staff.


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  • Jelrus/Whipmix Burn out oven problem
    Matt Paton · March 27 at 6:27 pm

    I recently purchased 2 Jelrus Infinity L30 burn out ovens on E-bay, one used one new. The used performed well for about three months.  After three months the display would not ligth up but you could hear the oven heating. After reading all the tech bulletins and manuals the recommendation was to replace the printed circut board. When...

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  • Ceramist

    Aesthetic Oral Arts in Montana is looking for a high end ceramist to join their team.

    Candidates must have an excellent understanding of anterior, morphology, shapes and contours. Candidates should understand shade, occlusion, full-mouth and partial reconstructive cases, as well as selecting appropriate materials (e.max, empress, veneers,...

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  • Ceramist

    R-dent Laboratory in Bartlett, TN is looking for experienced ceramists who will layer, contour and glaze their own units. Looking for 12-20 units produced in an 8-hour day of e.max, Lava Layered and porcelain fused to metal. Looking for ambitious team-players to join our progressive, state-of-the-art facility.

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  • Fixed Model Technician

    R-dent Laboratory in Bartlett, TN is looking for a techician to handle 45-60 cases a day. This person needs to have implant experience, as it pertains to model work, and also have experience with face bows and fully adjustable articulators. Needs to have a good balance between quality and production

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  • Dental Technician

    Modern dental practice seeks full-time dental technician who is hardworking, reliable, motivated and a team player. Ability to produce detailed & precise work with a high degree of manual dexterity is a must. Lab experience preferred. Will train the right person, but must have the willingness to learn. For more information or to apply, visit...

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  • CNC Dental Milling: Cycle Time and Surface Finish
    Steve Braykovich · January 20 at 1:57 am

    How long does it take your mill to machine a (insert restoration type here)? 

    This seems to be an area that the digital dental labs and milling centers are most concerned with and can likely be a key criterion in their purchase of a milling machine. Of course machine cycle time is important but it is in reality, not a true gage of a...

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  • Construction Characteristics Affecting the Performance and Reliability of a Dental Machining Center
    Steve Braykovich · January 20 at 1:41 am

    There are many interrelated factors that affect a DMC’s (Dental Milling Center) reliability, speed and accuracy, the three most important of which include the spindle drive system, machine control system and axis drive system. The spindle drive system provides power to the cutting tool to remove material. The control (or machine operating...

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  • CAD/CAM Support Technician

    The ideal candidate will have a dental background with CAD/CAM experience and high IT/PC skills and have the ability to communicate advanced topics to users with very different backgrounds. You will receive customer support inquiries for 3Shape software, applications, hardware and materials. You will resolve customer product problems and document...

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  • CAD/CAM Product Specialist and Trainer

    The ideal candidate will have an experienced dental laboratory background with CAD/CAM experience and have the ability to communicate advanced topics to users with very different backgrounds. You will receive customer support inquiries for 3Shape software, applications, hardware and materials. You will resolve customer product problems and...

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  • The best of two worlds
    Henning Elvennes · November 13 at 1:29 pm

    It is very impressive how it accelerates or optimizes some of our daily tasks. This is what we reflected in DentLab Manager. Part of our team took several months to analyze the laboratory tasks and studied every procedure and every role from people at the laboratory. It is not easy for engineers to think as a dental laboratory technician and know how things are supposed to be. Therefore we associated with one of the greatest laboratories in Oslo, and we got all the practical information and also...

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  • Technician Finds Success, Satisfaction as 'Denture Practitioner'
    Mark Funderburk, CDT · September 4 at 8:42 am

    Throughout my 34-year career as a technician, lab owner, manager, consultant and denturist, most of my problems have been the doctors' lack of training and experience in fixed and removable appliances. Since many dentists graduate with minimal lab experience—especially in removables—they get very frustrated by denture cases.


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  • A Place to Share What You've Learned About Digital Dental Photography
    Marta Lizza · June 13, 2013

    LMT has provided an opportunity for us to help one another grow by sharing our knowledge via blogging. Since dental photography is such a valuable aid to us as technicians with regard to self-assessment, learning, communication and marketing; I thought I'd share what I've learned with you. Although it can be a little overwhelming in the beginning, the most important thing to know is you don't have to be a professional or even know a lot about your camera to get some really good consistent results...

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  • Knowing What You Know...
    Jack Garcia, CDT · June 7, 2013

    Knowing what you know

    doesn’t mean you know

    more than others know,

    or those others know

    more than you know.

    Maybe they don’t know

    what you know,

    so what you know

    might not be what you need to know,

    because another one could not know

    what others know,

    including what you know.

    At the same instance to know

    you know what...

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  • The Poetry Book
    Jack Garcia, CDT · June 5, 2013

    In this game called “LIFE”,

    is not really about how you fall down,

    is more about how you are

    picking up yourself without touching the ground

    and continue with the so called “process”,

    until the pieces are together once more.

    Until then, just make room for little mistakes,

    deceptions, ups and downs;

    no matter...

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  • Patient Denture identification
    Matt Paton · April 30, 2013

    I read an article about placing patient identification in acrylic dentures. May labs were discussing the best way to cold cure the ID into the denture and what materials to use for the actual ID. I heat cure the denture ID into the denture and it will never yellow or fade. Here's how,

    perform your wax up, boil out, and separation in the...

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  • The Next US Dental Laboratory Industry
    David Lesh · October 11, 2012

    There's always a lot of great technical talk here, but I would love to participate in some conversation about the trends taking place in the industry and how they affect us.

    I started Dale Dental 12 years ago as a way for labs to get access to the restorations they needed to grow their business. To me however, Dale was always about more than...

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  • Time For Us to Have a Unified Voice About the Dental Insurance Industry
    Dean Mersky, DDS · September 26, 2012

    I find the China debate to be very interesting yet perplexing. Some continue to believe that the problems faced by today's lab owners are in some measure due to the Chinese. This is akin to standing at the plate and taking a called strike while swatting a gnat. If we don't keep our eyes on the ball, the game will be over before we realized...

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  • Offshore Advertising in LMT?
    Tija Hunter, CDA · August 7, 2012

    I'm a dental assistant with expanded functions in prosthodontics. I learned a long time ago that technicians have so much to teach assistants and doctors. I've worked with many of them to keep communication open between the lab and the office and promoted [the importance of communication] in an article I wrote with T.G. Hornischer. I'm passionate...

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  • Offshore Outsourcing: 'A Greed-Driven Business Model'
    LMT Communications, Inc. · August 7, 2012

    In response to Claus Dampmann's letter, Labor—Not Material Costs—is Key Factor Driving Selling Price of Chinese Crowns, in your June/July issue, please allow me to point out some things he failed to mention.

    While it's true that ProLab Solutions, Inc. and many other offshore labs are FDA-, ISO- and DAMAS-compliant, many of...

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  • Labor - Not Material Costs - is Key Factor Driving Selling Price of Chinese Crowns
    Claus Dampmann · June 15, 2012

    I'd like to comment on the April and May Letters to the Editor regarding material usage and disclosure documentation for restorations being produced by offshore laboratories and specifically those in China.

    As the general manager of ProLab Solutions, Inc., which outsources work to China, I am very supportive of full disclosure as it relates to offshore restorations and would like to provide a counter viewpoint to those who have concerns about the materials being used in China: - Major - but not all...

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  • The ROI Factor
    Bob Cohen, CDT · June 6, 2012


    Being a reseller of CAD CAM equipment we have found it to be very interesting that many decision makers in dental labs want help figuring out if it's the right time to buy. From a business perspective it's all about return on investment (ROI).

    So, for the sake of this exercise let's look at the cost of borrowing $10K over 5 years. Based...

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