Construction Characteristics Affecting the Performance and Reliability of a Dental Machining Center

There are many interrelated factors that affect a DMC’s (Dental Milling Center) reliability, speed and accuracy, the three most important of which include the spindle drive system, machine control system and axis drive system.

The spindle drive system provides power to the cutting tool to remove material. The control (or machine operating system) is the brain of the DMC and coordinates machine motion. The axis drive system  determines how smooth the motion of the DMC  is and how it translate into parts that are consistently accurate with the required surface finish quality.

The amount of force and wear and tear that a DMC’s spindle must endure means the design of the spindle and the quality of the parts buried within the spindle is vital to the DMC’s spindle’s performance and its lifespan.

Quality components not only determine longevity of the spindle, they determine how the spindle handles speed, torque and vibration. Key considerations include; style (belt or integral motor), bearings (type, lubrication and cooling), motor, shaft and housing

Our VersaMILL addresses these considerations by utilizing a rigid, high quality and reliable precision spindle system that is also economical. The VersaMILL's high speed air cooled spindle can operate at high rpm while producing minimal run-out at the cutting tool edge allowing for long tool life and outstanding surface finishes; without the need for expensive tooling systems such as shrink-fit, polygonal clamping, micro collets and others.

The quality of the axis drive system is also a function of the construction of the frame and the axes way system. This is the key area in the construction of a machine tool as it determines rigidity, vibration damping capacity, and resistance to side thrust. It's the balance between these three critical areas (power, speed, accuracy) that you must evaluate against your current and future needs to get the best buy for your money.

Additionally the type of axis drive motor (servo or stepper) and motor control system (open-loop or closed-loop) is important to assure positional accuracy, repeatability, smoothness of motion, vibration, tool wear, quality of surface finish and quietness of operation.

The VersaMILL’s closed-loop servo motor system is the system of choice in a quality DMC as it avoids the positional/repeatability accuracy, noise and maintenance issues associated with open-loop systems that rely on stepper motors to drive the machine axes.

Most dental milling systems available today lack the rigidity of construction and fixturing, quality components, speed, versatility and size to effectively produce the various restoration types from the soft and hard materials that are required of them to maintain or grow their business.

The VersaMILL 5X eliminates these issues by providing a single, cost-effective, compact and easy-to-use open platform high precision dental milling machine constructed from heavy duty, reliable components utilized in heavy idustrial applications that can be implemented in any lab environment.

Take a look at the VersaMILL 5X for your next purchase of a dental machining center; it may well be the only machine you will ever need.

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