• Home-Based Labs

    Series · 10 articles

    Three-quarters of home-based lab owners responding to LMT's survey are "very satisfied" with their decision to work from home. In addition to the financial benefits, they appreciate the flexibility, relaxed atmosphere and their ability to balance work/home demands more easily.

  • Faster, Smarter, Better: 36 Strategies to Boost Your Business

    Series · 7 articles

    In this economy, working faster, smarter, better is the key to riding out the storm. Here are 36 ways to streamline production, reduce remakes, lower costs, maximize marketing, improve client relationships, boost employee morale and create a leaner, meaner,...

  • 40 Under Forty

    Series · 40 articles

    LMT profiles 40 young men and women who were nominated to be part of this special coverage due to their top-notch technical skill, business savvy, passion and determination.

  • The Modern Dentist

    Series · 10 articles

    Follow Eric Nunnally on his journey from working as a technician in his father's lab to becoming a dentist.

  • Technicians on a Mission

    Series · 9 articles

    From bringing smiles to the underserved dental population to rebuilding the lives of our military veterans, technicians across the country are devoting their time and skills to making a difference.

  • Education Connection

    Series · 4 articles

    Articles about education in the industry

  • IDS 2013 Offers First Look at Emerging Innovations

    Series · 6 articles

    Live surgeries. Magicians on stilts. Space-age technology. And dazzling developments in digital dentistry. This must be the IDS.

  • The Way I See It

    Series · 74 articles

    Words of wisdom from LMT Publisher Judy Fishman

  • Bad Dentistry

    Series · 8 articles

    Any time a patient has a dental problem, there's a chance it won't be a boilerplate fix. The tooth—and its restoration—may be compromised as a result of something completely out of the practitioner's hands. Of course, the ones that get...

  • The Changing Landscape of Dentistry

    Series · 6 articles

    In the same way the dental laboratory is changing, your client's world is in flux, too. The surge of digital technologies. A growing number of large group practices. An increase in training. More women dentists joining the profession. In this special...

  • Barry D. the Lab Guy

    Series · 7 articles

    Laboratories often experience the same problems on a daily basis, but rather than grumble about them, Mike Hill, President of 6-11 Dental Studio, Inc., Lake Forest, CA, decided to take a humorous approach. He started sketching cartoons related to real-world...

  • 20+ Digital Marketing Strategies

    Series · 3 articles

    When it comes to marketing, more laboratories are going digital to reach dentists: They're building websites, using social media, advertising online and phasing out printed marketing pieces in favor of digital ones. Whether you're a novice or savvy...

  • Judy's Amazing Road Trip

    Series · 8 articles

    At the end of October, LMT Publisher Judy Fishman drove cross country from Connecticut to Arizona for a two-month stay in Fountain Hills.* She visited numerous laboratories and manufacturers along the way. Tune in to follow her on her journey! Read Series

  • Full Contour Zirconia Case Studies

    Series · 10 articles

    Touted for their high strength and labor-savings, full contour zirconia restorations are the fastest-growing restoration in laboratories across the country. There are more material choices than ever on the market; here, 10 zirconia manufacturers illustrate...

  • Dream Labs

    Series · 2 articles

    Dream Labs

  • 30 Memorable Moments

    Series · 28 articles

    The last 30 years have been the most remarkable, most revolutionary years in the history of dental technology. As LMT celebrates its 30th anniversary, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the technologies, events and ideas that have shaped our community.

  • I Want to Work in That Lab

    Series · 29 articles

    Thanks to readers’ nominations, LMT recognizes 29 laboratories across the U.S. that offer their employees a culture that’s hard to beat, with top-notch work environments, outstanding perks, an impressive facility, or by going above and beyond...

  • LMT LAB DAY Insider

    Series · 55 articles

    LMT Editors bring you the full scoop straight from the show floor, including product launches, announcements and breaking news.

  • Ask SCORE

    Series · 6 articles

    George Obst—certified SCORE mentor and retired CEO and Founding Partner of Dental Services Group--offers advice on running a profitable and successful business. Have a question for George?  Email LMT Editor Kelly Fessel Carr

  • How to Use VITA VM 13 for Challenging Anterior Metal-Ceramic Restorations

    Series · 3 articles

    While zirconia is becoming an increasingly popular restorative choice, metal-ceramic solutions are still widely used and, in many cases, preferred because of the esthetics. Renato Carretti offers a look at three anterior cases fabricated with VM 13 porcelain from VITA.

  • State of the Industry 2015

    Series · 8 articles

    LMT’s comprehensive, multi-issue State of the Industry 2015 coverage offers an in-depth look at the key trends impacting laboratory operators today.

  • LMT LAB DAY Insider 2015

    Series · 43 articles

    It was LMT’s biggest LAB DAY yet. Just over 3,500 attendees came to the industry’s busiest, most exciting event of the year to learn at 367 educational courses, shop an energy-packed exhibit hall with 241 companies, and network and catch up with their peers.

  • 10 Software Innovations to Streamline Your Digital Workflow

    Series · 11 articles

    LMT profiles 10 software innovations—many of them new or recently upgraded—that are helping labs upload files faster, reap the benefits of the cloud, increase efficiency, track metrics, accept digital impressions, outsource more easily and enhance...

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea

    Series · 5 articles

    An estimated 25 million adults in the U.S. suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.Oral appliances have proven to be a viable option for treatment and a huge opportunity for dentists and labs, but there are numerous complexities in the market.

  • LMT's Exclusive Wage Survey Reports

    Series · 5 articles

    Every two years, LMT conducts its exclusive Wage Survey report, the definitive guide lab owners nationwide use for assessing personnel wages. 

  • LMT's Exclusive Fee Survey Reports

    Series · 8 articles

    LMT’s biennial Fee Survey report is the dental laboratory industry’s quintessential pricing guide for all types of restorative services! 

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