The LMT Story

LMT Communications, Inc. was founded in 1984 to create an indispensable business strategies magazine for dental laboratory decision-makers. That magazine, LMT—Lab Management Today—is formulated to combine management insights, marketing strategies, business "how-to's," product updates and educational opportunities in an easy-to-digest format so readers can implement these ideas to meet everyday business challenges.

We're Intimately Connected

But after its first few months it became crystal clear that LMT was destined to be more than just another industry trade magazine [see Formation of LAB DAY and below].

From the start, the company established itself as a market leader, earning its reputation as the 'Go-To' research source; it introduced a series of ground-breaking CROWN EXPERIMENTS, created the much-anticipated biennial WAGE and FEE surveys, the industry's most comprehensive Buyer's Guide directory and, every five years produces an in-depth look at the STATE of the INDUSTRY.

With integrity and sincerity as key guiding principles, LMT keeps its fingers on the pulse of the market, keeping readers abreast of trends and ahead of the curve. Our highly visible team spirit is a strong contributing factor in our ability to provide creative and practical strategies for helping dental laboratory operators develop successful businesses. In fact, almost all of LMT's articles are written by members of the staff rather than by outside authors.

The Formation of LAB DAY

Recognizing a strong need for networking and recognition among members of the community, LMT Founder Judy Fishman sought ways to bring technicians together for an exchange of information and ideas. At the same time, manufacturers, eager to offer programs targeted specifically for laboratories, were looking for opportunities to do so during the Chicago Mid-Winter meeting. Conditions were perfect for the creation of LMT's LAB DAY, which made its debut in February 1985.

What began with 31 exhibitors and about 400 attendees has grown to 200 exhibitors and over 3000 attendees. LAB DAY has become the industry's most comprehensive, most highly attended trade show in the history of North America drawing attendance from all over the world.

In 1991, LAB DAY WEST made its debut in Anaheim, California and has become the second largest dental laboratory trade show in the country with attendance of well over 1700 since 2008.

LAB DAY EAST made its debut in 2000 and continues to build its presence on the east coast with close to 1,000 attendees every spring, making it the third largest show in our community.

Connectivity—the buzz word of this new Century—has LMT's full attention. It's been the driver of our brand from Day One. Now, with the 2011 introduction of our interactive online community network, LMT created a virtual LAB DAY environment 24/7. does what a printed piece cannot do: create immediate, interactive experiences!

Like Facebook, but specifically designed as a business network, enables everyone in the community to stay connected and, at the touch of a mouse, creates a one-stop-shopping opportunity for easy product research and product decision-making.

Think about it: our readers discover new information from the pages of LMT and come to our LAB DAY trade shows to have hands-on experiences and learn more. And, with, they can continue networking and following up on everything they've read about and seen at the shows!

Though print still reigns as the medium of choice among our readership [according to 94% of our readers]—and magazine life here at LMT has never been stronger—we believe will become the year-long meeting place for the laboratory community.

LMT Internet Survey 2009