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From non-traditional work schedules to wellness programs, laboratory owners are thinking outside the box to help their employees better juggle work and personal lives.

Because of the limitless reach, immediacy, interactivity and cost-effectiveness of social media compared to many traditional marketing strategies, content marketing has become the Next-Gen marketing strategy. It’s a soft sell and relationship building at its best.

LMT’s 26th annual LAB DAY West in Garden Grove, CA, hit all the marks: a high-energy exhibit hall, a top-notch  lineup of educators and countless networking opportunities with 1,643 laboratory owners, managers, technicians and dentists.

To create characterized, natural-looking dentures, Arian Deutsch, CDT, DTG, Owner, Deutsch Dental Arts in Surprise, AZ, uses a time-efficient technique.

A decathlon—derived from the Greek word déka meaning “ten” and áthlon meaning “feat”—is a combined event in the Olympics consisting of ten track and field events. 
In honor of the upcoming Olympics, LMT will be running a #DentalDecathlon on its social media accounts where we’ll feature cases you feel were a 'feat to fabricate.' Click below to send us a case photo and explain why you’re so proud of it. 

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    LMT LAB DAY East 2016

    Saturday Sep 17 · Atlantic City, NJ

    Join LMT for our 17th annual LMT LAB DAY East, the largest dental laboratory event on the East Coast. Now in Atlantic City!

    LMT LAB DAY Chicago 2017

    Feb 24-25, 2017 · Chicago, IL

    Join LMT for its 33rd annual LMT LAB DAY Chicago, the largest dental laboratory event in America.

    LMT LAB DAY West 2017

    May 19-20, 2017 · Garden Grove, CA

    Join LMT for its 27th annual LMT LAB DAY West, the largest dental laboratory community gathering on the west coast.

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