Whether labs prefer .STL, .PLY, .UDX, DICOM or exocad® dentalProject files, the CS 3600 lets them choose the file type that works best and use the dental CAD software of their choice. Plus, HD 3D impressions make it easy for labs to view vivid color and texture that better reflect in-vivo anatomy.

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LMT’s 26th annual LAB DAY West in Garden Grove, CA, hit all the marks: a high-energy exhibit hall, a top-notch  lineup of educators and countless networking opportunities with 1,643 laboratory owners, managers, technicians and dentists.

A decathlon—derived from the Greek word déka meaning “ten” and áthlon meaning “feat”—is a combined event in the Olympics consisting of ten track and field events. 
In honor of the 2016 Olympics, LMT ran a #DentalDecathlon on its social media accounts and LMTmag.com where we featured cases submitted by techs that were a 'feat to fabricate.' Check out all the cases here!

Nobel Biocare showcased the role digital technology plays in implant diagnostics, treatment planning and guided surgery at its Symposium in New York City in June.

Professor Philip Russo, CDT, MA, introduces a single-unit implant case into his advanced crown and bridge classes at NYCCT.

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