As part of our ongoing State of the Industry 2015 coverage, LMT Editors visited the world’s largest dental show to bring you the scoop on the latest product and process innovations worldwide—including digital dentures, laser milling and more—and what else is coming down the pike for the U.S. market.

The results of LMT’s State of Digital Technology 2015 survey are in! Eighty percent of respondents rate their all-ceramic workload as “good” or “booming.”

Whether you have two technicians or 20, there is perhaps no greater challenge in the laboratory than managing your staff. From morale issues to interpersonal conflicts, Lab Owner and Manager respondents to LMT’s Personnel Survey share their strategies for achieving pleasant and productive work environments.

Rafael Choi, CDT, describes his technique for using IPS e.max Press Multi to eliminate the need for layering methods and produce esthetic, lifelike anterior crowns in a predictable and efficient manner.

Marius Vincze, CDT, MV Dental Studio, Wayland, MA, teamed up with Dr. Courtney Lavigne to design and build a 1,600-sq-ft dental practice and 120-sq-ft in-house laboratory. The duo works side-by-side for 60% of their restorative cases.

Since its debut 25 years ago, LMT’s LAB DAY West has grown from a regional show with 800 attendees to the largest dental laboratory trade show on the West Coast and a truly international event. This year’s show in Garden Grove, CA, drew 1,706 laboratory owners, managers and technicians, hailing from 27 states and 10 other countries.

Avoid long lines at the show and register online today! Click here, it only takes a minute!

Join LMT on September 19, 2015 at the Atlantic City Convention Center, Convention Blvd., Atlantic City, NJ, for education, exhibits, technology, new products, hands-on demos and networking. Plus: casinos, nightlife, the boardwalk, the beach, fine dining and fun for all ages!

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