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Rejuvenation dentistry is an approach based on a model of health that considers not only a patient’s teeth but the entire masticatory system, including jaw joints, nerves and head and neck muscles, and maintains that problems occur when these components aren’t working in biological harmony.

LMT LAB DAY Chicago (moving across the river to the Hyatt Regency Chicago!): Friday, February 27 and Saturday, February 28 

LMT LAB DAY West: Exhibits on Saturday, May 2 ONLY; Educational Clinics on Friday, May 1 and Saturday, May 2

LMT LAB DAY East (moving to Atlantic City!): Saturday, September 19

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By taking risks, going outside their comfort zone and reinvesting in their laboratory, Greg and Diane Nash, Owners of Nash Dental Lab, have managed to thrive in an ever-changing laboratory market.

With today’s focus on highly cosmetic restorations and appliances, patients want functional, natural-looking removable partial dentures. Proper material selection is a key part of ensuring patient satisfaction.

The first part of LMT’s comprehensive, multi-issue State of the Industry 2015 coverage offers an in-depth look at the key trends impacting laboratory operators today.

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  • LAB DAY East 2015

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