Offshore Advertising in LMT?

Tija Hunter, CDA · Aug 07, 2012

I'm a dental assistant with expanded functions in prosthodontics. I learned a long time ago that technicians have so much to teach assistants and doctors. I've worked with many of them to keep communication open between the lab and the office and promoted [the importance of communication] in an article I wrote with T.G. Hornischer. I'm passionate about small business and regret the slow demise of dental labs. In the U.S. our labs are dwindling while more students graduate from dental school and more dental schools are opening.

In flipping through LMT's June/July issue, I saw all the outsourcing ads--$23 to China! Beijing!--and then I looked at the cover story, The Future of the Small Laboratory: Grim or Great?, and thought to myself, "What the heck?!"

I take issue with these Classified ads. Here we are trying to keep our labs in business, promote American-made products, promote American workers, promote our dental labs in general, mandate where our work is coming from and keep our patients safe. Yet the messages I see in these ads are: fire your lab employees, send your stuff overseas and save money.

Is LMT that desperate for advertising dollars that it wants any company that can pay for an ad? I personally think this is an outrage!

Many people look to LMT as a good source of information; this kind of advertising is uncalled for. Want me to answer the question of "grim or great"? about labs? It's outsourcing like this that's causing the problem and you are helping to promote it. I don't understand it, and I don't like it!

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