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  • Zahn Dental Expands Digital Portfolio

    Zahn Dental highlighted its range of offerings in the Exhibit Hall and its LAB DAY Ballroom:

    It showcased its new relationship with 360imaging®—a U.S. leader of computer-guided dental surgery—to offer 360imaging’s state-of-the-art, proprietary treatment planning software, 360dps, and surgical guide manufacturing, training and support services to dental laboratories. The integrated suite of software, hardware and services can help increase the efficiency of participating laboratories’ digital workflow and strengthen their presence in the dental surgery segment.

    In addition to an already robust digital material offering, Zahn is now the exclusive distributor of Glidewell’s BruxZir products and the company showcased its additional BruxZir® Zirconia products as well as new BruxZir Anterior. For more information on BruxZir Anterior, click here.

    Thanks to a new distribution agreement, Zahn Dental now distributes 3D Systems’ micro-SLA ProJet® 1200...

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  • Zahn Dental Expands Zirlux® Line

    Zahn Dental introduced seven new products to its Zirlux line:

    Zirlux ST1 is an esthetic, strong, high-translucency zirconia that can be milled for full contour anterior and posterior crowns, bridges, frameworks and inlays; it’s available in multiple sizes and thicknesses.                     

    Zirlux Temp Multi is multi-layered PMMA material for milling esthetic temporary restorations.

    Zirlux Temp is a pre-colored PMMA material for milling esthetic temporary crowns and bridges; it’s available in 98.5-mm discs and multiple thicknesses.

    Zirlux Wax discs are used to create patterns for full contour cast or press ceramic restorations and diagnostic waxups.

    Zirlux NP is a nickel- and beryllium-free, non-precious cobalt-based alloy available in 98.5-mm discs for milling.

    Zirlux Ti is a titanium-grade material available in 98.5-mm discs for milling crowns, bridges, bars, implant applications...

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  • Zahn Expands CAD/CAM Equipment and Material Lines

    Zahn Dental’s LMT LAB DAY Ballroom was bustling with attendees eager to see the company’s new line of open CAD/CAM equipment, Novux®, for printing, scanning and milling. The printing line includes the NX 3 Print and NX 4 Print printers and the NX 3D Print Box for post-curing. For scanning and milling, options include the NX100 scanner, NX Mill4 four-axis dry mill, NX Mill5 five-axis wet/dry mill and NXS-Plus and NX M-Therm sintering furnaces. The mills are designed for a wide variety of materials, including Zirlux®, Zirlux Acetal, BruxZir®, KATANA, wax, titanium and non-precious metals. Distributed in Belgium by Arseus Lab, the system is now available in the U.S. through Zahn Dental.

    The company also expanded its comprehensive Zirlux line with Zirlux 16+. These pre-shaded zirconia discs and blocks correlate with the 16 classical VITA shades as well as white and bleach shades. Demonstrating greater than 44% translucency and a flexural strength of 1,200MPa, Zirlux...

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  • Zenostar Zr From Ivoclar Vivadent

    DENTAL TEAM: Janet Jones, CDT, Technical Consultant, Ivoclar Vivadent and Jenny Sy-Munoz, DDS, MSD, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

    RESTORATIVE PROBLEM: A 36-year-old patient presented with a request to have teeth #30 and #31 restored as recommended by his general dentist. These molars had existing large pin-retained amalgam buildups that were starting to show signs of occlusal wear.

    TREAMENT PLAN: Dr. Sy-Munoz prescribed monolithic crowns made from Zenostar full contour zirconia because of its strong physical properties, pleasing esthetics and optimal biocompatibility.

    FABRICATION PROCESS: The teeth were prepared with minimal reductions (0.5mm axially, 1.0 occlusally, 0.5mm chamfer margins with rounded internal line angles), and impressions made. Provisional restorations were fabricated and cemented.

    Casts were scanned using the 3Shape D810 scanner and the design was generated and approved. Jones chose the "Medium" shade of Zenostar Zr Translucent zirconia since the patient's shade...

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  • Zimmer Announces CAD/CAM Partnership With Zfx

    At the show, Zimmer formally announced its partnership with Zfx GmbH. Zimmer now distributes Zfx products, including Zfx CAD software and scanners, and offers CAD/CAM services—including crown and bridge components, bars, and titanium and zirconia abutments—through its new Zfx milling center in Carlsbad, CA.

    For more information, call 800-854-7019 or visit www.zimmerdental.com.

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  • ZircoStar Zirconia From Kerox

    DENTAL TEAM: Dr. William Roddy and in-house technician Steve Coles, Flow Laboratory, Fort Worth, TX

    RESTORATIVE PROBLEM: A 62-year-old female presented with implants on teeth #3, #4 and #5 and a PFM bridge placed by another dentist. The implants had been placed too far buccally and the patient was unhappy with the esthetics and thickness of the bridge. The patient's occlusal planes were also uneven, and she had another large-span anterior bridge on teeth #6 through #11 that was starting to show signs of decay at the margins.

    TREATMENT PLAN: The team opted to remove both bridges and the remaining natural teeth in the arch. Additional implants were placed on teeth #6 and #11 through #14, and immediately loaded with a temporary bridge. After integration, the patient's final restoration would be a full contour, full arch, implant-supported bridge. KEROX ZircoStar zirconia in Extreme Translucent (ET) was chosen for its esthetics and ability to match natural teeth. Because of its small grain...

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  • Zirkonzahn Adds M4 Milling Unit to its Line

    Zirkonzahn has expanded its milling unit line—which includes the upgradable M5 Milling Unit and the M1 Compact Line Milling Unit—with the new M4 Milling Unit. It’s equipped with built-in wet processing function and 5+1 simultaneous axes milling technology, making it easier to mill hard-to-reach areas such as undercuts and divergences.

    Indicated for crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and occlusally screw-retained bridges, attachments and bars, the unit can be used to mill zirconia, resin, wax, wood, sintered metal, cobalt chrome, titanium, Raw Abutments®, Bridge Rods, glass ceramics and composites. M4’s extra-large milling area is particularly suitable for the milling of models; up to 10 models or up to 20 complete full arches simultaneously.

    The integrated tool changer function and the tool magazine allow the automatic exchange of up to 32 milling burs, enabling efficient workflow management. The M4 workpiece table has various holders. For instance, you can clamp...

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  • Zirkonzahn Launches New Milling Unit

    Zirkonzahn’s new Milling Unit Compact Line M1 includes the M1 Wet Heavy. The 5+1-axis unit features a four-fold orbit for extra stability, a necessity for milling hard metals, a six-fold tool changer as well as a wet processing function. It can process zirconia, titanium, chrome-cobalt, PMMA, wax, glass ceramics and prefabricated titanium abutments (Raw-Abutments©).

    For more information, call 800-989-8931 or visit www.zirkonzahn.com.

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  • Zirlux FC2 From Zahn Dental

    DENTAL TEAM: Sven Jesse, Jesse & Frichtel Dental Labs and Dr. Edward Narcisi, DMD, both of Pittsburgh, PA

    RESTORATIVE PROBLEM: The patient—the wife of one of the laboratory owners--had an existing all-ceramic restoration on tooth #30 that cracked (she had previously had a PFM crown that also chipped).

    TREATMENT PLAN: Since functionality and esthetics were a priority, a Zirlux FC2 full contour zirconia crown was chosen. The laboratory prefers to use Zirlux FC2 because of its flexural strength and low wear against opposing dentition. The Zirlux FC2 system consists of five pre-shaded zirconia discs, 10 stains, six modifier pastes and a universal glaze. The pre-shaded discs allow you to produce all 16 VITA A-D shades as well as bleach shades with no dipping.

    FABRICATION PROCESS: A custom shade was taken in the laboratory and Jesse completed a shade-mapping diagram, indicating the varying shades and characteristics in the occlusal, incisal, body and neck areas of the tooth. The...

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  • Zubler Debuts Milling Wax Discs

    Zubler USA launched its new milling wax designed for pressing and casting. The wax has the reproducibility of a sturdy milling wax while retaining the characteristics of hand wax; it’s strong enough to maintain marginal integrity during milling, but is also workable for melting, spruing or sculpting. Thanks to the material’s translucent and contrasting characteristics, design detail is more visible. Because resin can increase burnout time and cause damage to pressing ovens and contamination, the discs contain less resin and more high-quality wax for better final results.

    The company also announced a new pressing course for technicians interested in applying new technology and strategies to their pressing processes.

    For more information, visit www.zublerusa.com.

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  • Zubler Introduces New Pressable Lithium Disilicate and Milling Machine

    Zubler’s new pressable lithium disilicate, conceptPress, has a flexural strength of 420 MPa and is available in 2- and 3-gram pellets; the 2-gram ingot is ideal for one to two units, reducing waste and saving on material costs. Ideal for inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers and three-unit bridges, the biocompatible material offers natural translucency and fluorescence and comes in three levels of opacity:

    conceptPress D Pellets are available in 16 VITA shades, three bleach shades and are ideal for the layering and staining technique.

    conceptPress ID Pellets come in five colors and, because of their higher opacity, are ideal for frameworks.

    conceptPress CT Pellets offer high translucency ideal for inlays and onlays.

    Due to the low viscosity of the material, the formation of a reaction layer during pressing is minimized. This process is optimized by the patented Advanced PressTM technology in the Zubler Variopress 300.e press ceramic furnace.

    The company also introduced DC Ceram™...

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