George Obst

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  • 10 Tips For Reducing Expenses, Improving Cash Flow, and Boosting Sales

    George Obst · Management · Mar 2009

    We're in scary economic times and there's no doubt fewer patients are opting for expensive oral restorations, like cosmetic options and implants. While patients continue to take care of their oral health,...See more

  • Think in Terms of Two-to-Three Year ROI

    George Obst · Management · Feb 2009

    Dr. Gordon Christensen recently said, “Dentistry is changing so fast that it’s extremely difficult for practitioners to stay up to date” and I think the same can be said of dental laboratories.

  • DSG Turns Up the Heat to Meet Industry Changes Head-on

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Industry News · Mar 2007

    Dental Services Group's annual meeting is well-regarded for its open environment and sense of camaraderie among the laboratories. With the theme, Gateway to the Future, this year's event emphasized management...See more

  • How to Create a Customer-Driven Laboratory

    George Obst · Marketing · Oct 2009

    George Obst details how creating a culture of listening uncovers your dentist-clients' unmet needs and gives you a leg up in meeting their expectations. Want to boost sales, market share and profits...See more