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  • Ya Gotta Love This Stuff

    Technology is awesome. It has turned the world around, affecting every facet of our lives, making our work more efficient and, happily for everyone, more consistent.

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  • YES! Dental Lab's Can-Do Attitude Pays Off

    Opened in 2008, YES! Dental Laboratory has quickly grown to 34 staff members serving almost 200 clients, a testament to the power of a well-oiled management team.

    Kelly Fessel Carr

    April 28, 2011

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  • You Can't Hug the Past

    As the dental industry moves toward increasing automation, the shift may be uncomfortable with painful adjustments for technicians and dentists alike. But those who don't get comfortable with automated fabrication may have a difficult time remaining competitive in the future. Their choice may become: adapt or retire. I see three major trends in the next five to 10 years:

    Automated laboratory fabrication methods will take over and manual fabrication methods and use of impression materials will fall by the wayside. But as automated technologies increase, both dentists and technicians will still need to know the principles of dental restoration design and properties of the materials they use in order to achieve reliable longevity of their work.

    Automated clinical fabrication techniques will improve to the point where they become commonplace, especially for single-unit restorations. Right now CEREC and Evolution 4D have this market, but other players will come forth too. It's important...

    Rella Christensen

    April 28, 2011

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  • Your Balance Sheet: Why It's Important

    The balance sheet—comprised of assets, liabilities and the owner’s equity—provides a snapshot of the financial condition of your laboratory at any given time.

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  • You Restore People; It's What You Do

    With all the bad news about stiff competition and price erosion, I thought we all could use a “feel good” reminder that you deliver an invaluable service to the patients who receive your work; I’m one of them!

    In March 2013, I went to a local general practitioner to have number 14 looked at. I was unable to chew without getting a shooting pain. (I wrote about this earlier and, for the details and more photos, go to http://lmtmag.com/series/baddentistry.)

    Unfortunately, because this dentist didn’t realize how traumatized the tooth was—and didn’t give it a chance to settle down after removing a cracked filling—her treatment resulted in the loss of the tooth; not all at once, but little by little such that the summer of 2013 was dental hell.

    I changed course and sought recommended specialists to take over my case but, in the end, I was scheduled for an implant. The Biomet 3i implant—selected and placed by periodontist Michael Sonick, DMD, Fairfield,...

    Bad Dentistry

    Judy Fishman · October 7, 2014

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  • Your Name in Lights: a Guide to Getting Press Coverage

    Innovative laboratory owners are educating the public about the dental laboratory industry through coverage in local newspapers. Our report includes helpful tips for getting news about your laboratory—and its achievements—in print.

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  • YouTube Opens the Door for Young Denture Wearers

    There’s a stigma young denture wearers face: that dentures are only for the elderly. But the power of social media is changing all that.

    Sherrie Shover

    November 2 at 12:36 pm

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