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  • Wagner Precision Rotary Instruments Expands Product Line

    Wagner Rotary Instruments introduced the following products at the show:

    W1 handpiece is an ergonomic, lightweight, brushless, quiet and durable handpiece with vibration-free operation; precision foot control; and a soft-touch, easy-to-clean control pad. Made in Europe, it’s ideal when contouring all ceramics, operates at speeds up to 40,000RPM and comes with a two-year warranty with loaner program. RedBerry, BlueBerry and GoldenBerry rotary instruments are included.

    The GS Green State Contour™ Finishing System now includes four new shapes for contouring green-state zirconia in addition to the original two-step gray with white tipped shape. Also included with the new expanded kit are flat-edged silicone wheels; silicone points; and six uniquely shaped, fine-grit HP diamonds for adjusting anatomy.

    For more information, call 888-223-2231 or 201-541-9700 or visit www.wagnerrotary.com.

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  • Wagner Precision Rotary Instruments Introduces New Instruments

    Wagner Rotary showcased several new lines of instruments at LMT LAB DAY. Cerulean™ Blue handpiece carbides feature a super nitride coating made of TiAIN (Titanium Alumina Nitride). Their nanocomposite structure offers increased hardness, durability and extremely smooth cutting and is ISO 513 certified. The shanks are constructed from high-quality, hardened steel known as X46CrS13.

    Also on display were the new Cirrus™ diamond-infused instruments. Highly flexible and available in 26-mm knife edge, they provide gentle contouring or polishing ideal for all-ceramic restorations and PFMs with metal collars.

    For additional information, please call 888-223-2231 or 201-541-9700 or visit www.WagnerRotary.com.

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  • Wall Street and You: Three Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive in This Economic Crisis

    LMT contributing writer Mark Murphy offers advice for lab owners who need a boost in a difficult economic climate.

    Mark Murphy, DDS
    April 28, 2011

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  • Want Business Advice? Watch TV

    A few months ago, my son turned me on to two television reality shows that I feel have merit for anyone who runs a small business or aspires to: The Profit, on CNBC, showcasing the multi-talented Marcus Lemonis, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Camping World; and Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares, starring restaurateur, Chef Gordon Ramsay. Unfortunately, Ramsay retired this series at the end of 2014. Fortunately, there are 123 episodes you can watch on YouTube.

    Say what you will about reality TV; these shows are like business school by proxy.

    Without knowing any particular market, Lemonis attempts to save failing businesses—from beauty shops to sporting goods—assessing, reinventing and turning them around. For Lemonis, whose mantra is “people, product, process,” the buck stops with integrity. If the business owner(s) he comes to help is not completely transparent with him regarding the status of his business—financial and otherwise—he walks away—but...

    The Way I See It
    Judy Fishman · January 27, 2015

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  • Water, Water, Everywhere . . . And Yet

    Competing on price is not, of course, an unfamiliar reality—production/high volume laboratories have been the perceived competitors of small laboratories for decades. But now, with digital technology available to all size laboratories, the competitive arena enables some laboratories to make a comfortable profit via sheer volume and that is one of the causes of industry-wide price erosion.

    As you see from our cover story, The Race to the Bottom is the takeaway mantra of respondents to LMT’s 2014 Fee Survey and it isn’t pretty. Because of price competition—fueled largely by full contour zirconia, which has turned into a commodity of sorts—C&B fees have been mostly stagnant. Many laboratories are churning out more units yet raking in lower profits. Not good.

    So what are we going to do to turn things around?

    There are no black-and-white solutions but high on the list are:

    Focusing on/enhancing your customer service

    Increasing your knowledge base


    The Way I See It
    Judy Fishman · November 13, 2014

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  • Web Exclusive: Dentist-Respondents Speak Out

    LMT's February 2013 issue features our 2013 Dentist Survey conducted with Dental Economics. Our dentist-respondents speak out on...

    ...Why They Switch Labs

    • Quality wasn't consistent.

    • Cases returned with open margins.

    • Crowns had high occlusion and open contacts.

    • Inconvenient to work with due to the distance from my practice.

    • I have switched from PFM crowns to PFZ or full zirconia crowns. My previous lab was not yet offering this service. Meanwhile, I was noticing that I was taking too much time to adjust my PFM crowns and was becoming increasingly frustrated. At the same time, the zirconia crowns from lab #2 were seating in a much shorter period of time and the esthetics were gorgeous. When I took into consideration the lower-priced lab fees for a zirconia-based crown, the decision to switch labs was a "no-brainer. "

    • They hired new technicians and the work was not of the same quality.

    • Technician/case manager left, leading to poor communication...

    LMT Communications, Inc.
    February 7, 2013

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  • Web Extra!: Marketing On Wheels

    Customized delivery vehicles are becoming a hot, direct-to-consumer marketing strategy.

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  • Web Extra!: the Basics of ROI

    Return on Investment (ROI) measures how effectively a business uses its capital to generate profit

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  • Welcome Back, Removables

    Twenty-five years after selling off its removables department, Knight Dental Group gets back in the game.

    Kim Molinaro
    April 28, 2011

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  • West Michigan Lab Association Raises $1,000 For Dental Clinic

    West Michigan Lab Association Raises $1,000 for Dental Clinic

    LMT Communications, Inc.
    November 18, 2011

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  • What are Buyers Looking For

    Over 40% of lab owners plan to retire within the next decade. With retirement on the horizon for so many, selling a laboratory is going to become an increasingly competitive situation. In this buyer’s market, operating a well-run, profitable lab, maximizing its value and standing out from your peers is going to be essential if your exit strategy is to sell your laboratory. Here are some key features buyers are looking at when considering a laboratory acquisition:

    * Solid client base. Statistically, even if all goes smoothly, a buyer can lose 10 to 20% of your accounts so he’s going to be looking carefully at your customers: the strength of your relationships, amount of turnover, their location, overlap between your two markets, proximity to retirement age, etc.

    And remember the 80/20 rule: generally 80% of a lab’s business comes from 20% of its clients. As a seller, the more you can increase the percentage of clients from which most of your work comes, say to 30 to 40%,...

    Kelly Fessel Carr
    June 17, 2014

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  • What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

    In patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the most common type of sleep apnea, the mandible falls back as the brain approaches the deepest stages of sleep and the muscles of the airway fully relax, which is what causes the obstruction. When the brain senses breathing is compromised, it forces the body out of the deepest stage of sleep in order to regain control of the jaw muscles and reopen the airway. This can occur over and over during the night and, as a result, the patient’s sleep is extremely fragmented.

    Left untreated, sleep apnea can have serious and life-shortening consequences: high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, automobile accidents caused by falling asleep at the wheel, diabetes, depression and other ailments. A major symptom is extremely loud snoring; other indications are persistent daytime sleepiness, bouts of awakening out of breath during the night, and frequently waking in the morning with a dry mouth or a headache. OSA most commonly affects middle-aged...

    Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    Maribeth Marsico · November 17 at 5:20 pm

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  • What's in a (brand) Name?

    By trademarking their products, laboratory marketers are creating a demand for a product only they can deliver. LMT offers tips for developing a brand name and maximizing its effectiveness.

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  • What's Your Responsibility to Employees?

    One of the reasons lab owners prefer to fly solo is that they have no appetite for dealing with the challenges that come with personnel management.

    There’s no doubt that more people mean more issues. However, there are also as many, if not more, positives for having employees, key among them is that they play a critical role in a business’s ability to grow and prosper.

    Listening to recent news discussions for or against raising the federally mandated minimum wage to $10.10 has me wondering: What do you feel your responsibility is to your employees? What obligations do you feel you have toward the people who help build your business? What considerations play a role in how much you pay them for their time and contributions?

    Most of the time lab owners tell me they pay entry-level employees the wage necessary to attract them in their regional area. We also know from our Wage Surveys that average laboratory pay scales exceed the current federal minimum wage. So I throw this question...

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  • When a Technician Leaves: How to Protect Your Lab

    In our industry, where the economic barriers to entry are relatively low, it’s all too common to hear stories about employees leaving a lab and then winning that lab’s customers, or worse, other staff members. Of course, from the lab owner’s perspective, the former employee didn’t win the customer or staff member; in his mind, he was stolen!

    Like some of you, we too have been burned and it’s happened often enough that we were compelled to change the way we deal with new hires. In California, the Department of Corporations allows companies to pursue financial damages if it’s determined that protected, confidential information has been taken from your business, so we incorporated two documents into our hiring process to legally protect us from employees pursuing our customers and staff once they leave our lab.

    Our goal in this process is not to create overly burdensome legal documents but rather to simply obtain a mutual understanding of our company’s...

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  • Where Are We Headed?

    LMT's Technical Strategies Columnist Bill Mrazek Assesses the 2007 Crown Challenge

    Bill Mrazek, CDT
    April 28, 2011

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  • While Many Training Programs Struggle, KCC Sees Rise in Enrollment

    Once in jeopardy of closing, Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, IA, is thriving and has even added an evening program to accommodate its waiting list of students.

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  • Whip Mix Corp. Acquires Jelrus Burnout Oven Product Line

    Whip Mix has acquired the Jelrus burnout oven product line from Air Techniques, Inc.

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  • Whip Mix Corp.: Supporting Labs in Transition to Digital Realm

    A year ago, Whip Mix Corp. promoted its Vice President of Manufacturing, Jim Myers, to President of the company, succeeding Allen Steinbock, the grandson of Whip Mix Founder Edmund Steinbock, Sr. This promotion makes Myers the first non-family member President in the company's history. LMT travelled to Louisville, KY, to talk with Myers about his new position and where the company is headed.

    LMT: As President, how has your role changed?

    Myers: For 11 years, my priority was our manufacturing processes; now, it's more focused on customer needs and opportunities. I have much more interaction with our sales team and Whip Mix customers.

    LMT: What stands out to you regarding your customers?

    Myers: The most striking thing about our laboratory customers is their level of energy, dedication and desire to improve their businesses. Rather than hoping digital technology won't affect them, they're rolling up their sleeves, re-inventing themselves and embracing new technology.

    LMT: Tell us more...

    Kelly Fessel Carr
    September 16, 2013

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  • Whip Mix Introduces Vericore® Milling Discs, Articulation Products

    In Chicago, Whip Mix introduced its Vericore milling discs. From highly translucent zirconia for monolithic full contour restorations or substructures, to PMMA burnout materials to wax, Whip Mix offers a wide variety of materials and sizes for multiple applications. All Vericore discs offer a diameter of 98mm and are available with and without collars in a variety of sizes from 10mm to 25mm.

    The company also introduced a series of articulation products, including:

    Two products for Denar Mark 300 Series articulators. Designed for use with the 3Shape scanner and software system, Denar® Split Cast Mounting Plates allow you to mount the model on the benchtop articulator using facebow records, arbitrary mounting stands or CR records; capture the position and cant of the patient's teeth; and then scan to replicate that benchtop positioning on the virtual articulator in the 3Shape software. Designed specifically for mounting, the Denar LabRelator helps extend the life of your current...

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  • Whip Mix Launches MAXAlign App, New Denture Liner

    Whip Mix’s new MAXAlign is a digital android app for technicians and dentists that captures important patient information and aids in providing predictable results when mounting models.

    Here’s how it works: The lab and dentist purchase the MAX app through the Google Play store and also purchase a kit from Whip Mix; the lab kit includes a tablet, lab stand and occlusal stand and the dentist kit includes a tablet and doctor stand. Doctors use the app to photograph the patient and send the photo to the lab. The lab compares the photo of the patient to the photo of the model to verify the accuracy of position of the midline and horizontal plane, increasing predictability when mounting models.

    The company also launched the Preference Soft Denture Liner system ideal for new, rebased and relined dentures. The liner snaps up and around the ridge, even uneven ridges; provides a long-lasting, soft cushion with a natural feel; and offers a strong seal to protect against delamination.


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  • Whip Mix's New Custom Abutment Service and Sintering Furnace

    Dental Technology Solutions, Whip Mix’s outsource service, has expanded its offering to include Vericore titanium and zirconia custom abutments. The Vericore Zirconia Hybrid Custom Abutments provide the natural esthetics of zirconia with the precision and durability of a titanium interface. The Vericore Premier Titanium Custom Abutments are polished and engraved with tooth numbers. Each custom abutment comes with a titanium platform and screw; 19 platforms for seven major implant systems are available. The company accepts .stl files with a two-day turnaround time. All milling services are backed by a seven-year warranty.

    LAB DAY attendees also got the first look at Whip Mix Corp.’s Infinity ZR Sintering Furnace, which features Thermal Web Technology for more even heating. With 30 programs and four stages, the unit offers flexibility and consistently accurate sintering of zirconia materials.

    For details, call 800-626-5651 or visit www.whipmix.com.

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  • Whip Mix's Survive Or Thrive Forum: 6 Reasons to Go Digital

    Whip Mix’s second annual Survive or Thrive Digital Forum was chock-full of advice and take-home strategies to help attendees make informed decisions about digital technology.

    Maribeth Marsico
    November 7, 2013

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    Whip Mix Corp. recommends this
  • Who Are the Damaged Goods?

    If you walked past the Smile Line booth at LAB DAY, it was hard to miss the pirate logo hanging on the wall behind the hands-on demonstrations. Smile Line partnered with the Dental Technicians Guild (DTG), a group of 130 technicians committed to helping each other improve their skills, networking and sharing ideas. With a strong Facebook following, members come from all over the world including Spain, Columbia, Japan and Russia.

    Founder Von Grow started the Damaged Goods t-shirt line a few years ago and decided to use the pirate logo to brand the DTG group. For more information—including DTG’s quartly publication, DTG Magazine—visit www.dentaltechniciansguild.com. You can also find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Dental-TechniciansGuild.

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  • Who's the Boss?

    George Obst highlights ways to turn your lab into a customer-driven organization and increase sales and profits.

    Ask SCORE
    George Obst · February 19 at 4:25 pm

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