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  • Talk Around Chi-Town

    The LMT staff is still on a high from LMT® LAB DAY® Chicago at the end of February. We had record-breaking attendance—4,163 people, up from 3,501 last year! Attendees came from 49 states plus Washington, D.C. and 58 different countries—that’s 15 more than in 2015—making it a decidedly international affair.

    The mood was upbeat among exhibitors and attendees alike. With the bigger exhibit hall and clinic rooms and open lobby (and Big Bar!), there’s much more elbow room at the Hyatt. It’s conducive to meeting old friends, having meaningful conversations and learning about new technology.

    LMT Editors were around the town to find out what’s on the minds of laboratory owners, managers and technicians. Many of the trends we’ve spotted over the last couple of years continue to play out; here’s an overview:

    3D printing. As the technology evolves, printers are getting more affordable and material options and applications are expanding....

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  • Talladium Introduces New Mill, Holds Zirconia Raffle

    Talladium launched the C5 MASTERmill, an affordable, five-axis unit that mills zirconia, PMMA, stone and composites. With a rotation range up to 35°, it’s ideal for fabricating models and surgical guides and holds blanks up to 40mm. Its 16-tool automatic changer has a haptic tool-usage measurement for diamond-coated tools to extend tool life. The C5 also features a powerful and precise spindle, a sealed-air working chamber to protect mechanics, and a drawer to conveniently store your tools and blanks. Call 800-221-6449 or visit www.talladium.com.

    The company also raffled off $500 worth of Luminesse zirconia. Entrants were collected at LAB DAY and the winner—Bill Bone, AAA Dental Studios, Omaha, NE—was announced in an entertaining video posted online; click here to see it.

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  • Talladium's Multi-Layered PMMA Makes Debut

    Talladium’s Luminesse ML PMMA discs are made of a pre-shaded acrylic resin for surgical guides and temporary crowns and bridges. Featuring excellent color stability and high-bending resistance, the discs incorporate three shades blended together for a natural-looking restoration. For details, call 800-221-6449 or visit www.talladium.com.

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  • TCS Debuts IFlex Thermoplastic Polymer

    LAB DAY was the official launch of iFlex by TCS, a new thermoplastic polymer specifically formulated for removable flexible partials. Made of polyolefin, it offers durability, flexibility and esthetics with virtually no water absorption. The material can be injected using most thermoplastic injection units and is available in four shades. Each cartridge includes one Patient Care Guide, one plastic delivery bag, one tcs® Coool Mint Wipe (single use) and one sample packet of tcs® Concentrated Dental Appliance Cleaner (one-week supply).

    For more information, call 866-426-2970, email pascui@tcsdentalinc.com or visit www.tcsdentalinc.com.

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  • TCS Introduces JP-90 Hand Held Injector

    TCS, Inc. introduced its JP-90 Hand Held Injector and JP-90 Flask, designed to work in conjunction with the TCS Digital Furnace (or similar furnace) to inject thermoplastic clasps, unilaterals and up to five consecutive tooth saddles/partials. Using the injector eliminates the need to flask the case using the traditional method. The JP-90 flask design can be used three different ways to accommodate various types of cases and the Starter Kit includes the JP-90 Hand Held Injector, a JP-90 Flask, 10 small JP-90 bullets (cartridges), 10 large JP-90 bullets (cartridges), five metal sprues, one Matrix pusher and gloves. Cartridges will be available in all shades of tcs Unbreakable, iFlex and Blend (clear). Both the injector and flask are patent pending and will be available in June. For more information, call 866-426-2970 or visit www.tcsdentalinc.com.

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  • Technical Talent Featured at Jensen Education Day

    Nearly 600 lab owners and technicians attended Jensen Dental's 18th annual Education Day at the Swissôtel in Chicago. On hand to share tips and techniques and answer attendee questions were Nondas Vlachopoulos, MDT; Hubert Schenk, MDT; Dr. John Sorenson; Naoki Aiba, CDT; Fechmi Housein, MDT; Eric Sjodin, CDT; and Thomas Sing, MDT.

    In addition to the lectures, more than a dozen talented technicians held intimate table clinics as they shared full contour zirconia customizing tips, esthetic techniques, layering strategies, and digital scanning and design insight among other topics.

    Also during the event, Jensen launched the Preciso Digital Dentistry Solution, a complete system of innovative materials, 3MTM ESPETM Lava™ materials-approved CAD/CAM equipment, software, education and support that allows laboratories of all sizes to produce consistent results and transition to digital processes.

    In addition to its annual Education Day, the company provides numerous educational opportunities...

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  • Technician As Knowledge Czar

    The current economic turmoil—which many predict will affect our growth through 2010—has created a ravine through an otherwise positive trend line in our well-regarded industry.

    David Lesh
    April 28, 2011

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  • Technician By Day, Councilman By Night

    The bucolic town of Central City, Pennsylvania lies five miles down the road from the site of the Flight 93 memorial and not far from the Quecreek coalmine that trapped nine men underground for four days in 2002. It’s also home to Curt Morgese, owner of a one-person, high-end C&B dental laboratory. As of last November, he’s also the district’s borough councilman.

    “Making teeth has been a life-long passion,” he says. “I am always on a quest for knowledge in my daily profession.” He is also keen on politics.

    He relocated his lab to Central City from Greenburg, a Pittsburgh suburb, a year and a half ago and is now only a stone’s throw from his home. If he gets his casework done by three on any given day, he still has time for a quick, late afternoon fly-fishing trip to one of the local trout streams.

    He opened Oral Renaissance Dental Laboratory in 1983 and says he’s grown his business in good company: “The Pittsburgh area is home...

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  • Technician Father, Dentist Son Team Up For AACD Accreditation

    The phrase “Like father, like son,” has never been better illustrated than at last year’s American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) meeting in Seattle. At the event, Bill Brown, CDT, Owner of Brown Dental Lab in Issaquah, WA, and his son, Kevin Brown, DDS, became the first father-son team to simultaneously receive AACD accreditation. 

    A technician for over 40 years, Bill has always been close with his kids. While growing up, Kevin and his brother, Craig, spent a lot of time in their dad’s lab, learning waxing techniques and becoming familiar with anatomy. Craig eventually joined the lab as a ceramist and Kevin opted to go to dental school. “One of the reasons I got into dentistry was to work with my dad,” he says.

    After graduation, Kevin joined a practice close to his father’s lab and began sending Bill all of his ceramic work. “Dad’s lab is on my way home and I always stop by and help out with cases,” he says. “We...

    Becky Tyre
    January 8, 2014

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  • Technician Invents Sleep Apnea Patient Demonstration Model

    In 2009, one of Charles Lloyd’s dentist-clients asked him if he could make a patient demonstration model to explain obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) treatment. Nine months later, the Airhead™ was born. The 3D model of the patient’s head and airway rotates to clearly illustrate the effects of OSA and the benefits of an oral appliance.

    “It’s a very niche item and I won’t be getting rich or famous with it,” jokes Lloyd, Owner of TMD Technologies, Inc. in Snellville, GA, who has been involved in the sleep appliance market for over a decade. “But it attracts the attention of TMD/sleep dentists at the sleep conferences I attend and gives me the opportunity to then talk about my expertise in the field.”

    Lloyd invested $17,000 to develop, patent and manufacture the product—which he has made one at a time in a resin material and then handpainted. So far, he has sold 400 Airheads which retail for $385. “Sleep dentists who explain...

    Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    Kim Molinaro · November 19 at 4:06 pm

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  • Technician Makes a Difference in War-Torn Afghanistan

    For Michael Pointer, car bombs and dysentery are just part of his normal workday. Pointer is currently in Kabul, Afghanistan working as a technician and trainer with the Afghanistan Dental Relief Proj

    Kim Molinaro
    April 28, 2011

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  • Technician's Gallery

    Fabricating and matching a single central is challenging enough; Ceramist Alwyn Naraine did it in under three hours.

    Alwyn Naraine, CDT
    August 10, 2011

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  • Technician's Gallery: Anatomy From Nature

    Luke Kahng, CDT, shares the detailed study models he fabricated based on his study of hundreds of natural teeth.

    For many years, I've been interested in learning to recreate truly natural teeth shape and contour and have studied the morphology of more than 1,000 extracted teeth. Using what I observed about cusps, fossa, marginal ridges, dissection grooves, secondary anatomy, occlusion table and buccal and lingual contour, I fabricated full contour waxups, stone study models and then final porcelain restorations. For proper occlusion and cusp-to-fossa relationship, I mounted the 28 restorations on a semi-adjustable articulator to eliminate interference.

    By simulating natural teeth, with proper length from root to incisal edge, we can more easily see a patient's long axis and three dimensional aspects as well as the emergence profile. The multiple colors evident in the porcelain give teeth the natural appearance we technicians constantly strive to recreate.

    I use the study models to...

    Luke Kahng, CDT
    April 28, 2011

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  • Technician's Gallery: Full Mouth Fabrication and Reconstruction

    Andre Michel, owner of Andre's Dental Stuio, Dana Point, CA details a case he fabricated using pressed IPS e.max crowns and bridges.

    One of only 20 technicians accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Andre Michel, owner of Andre's Dental Studio, a boutique laboratory in Dana Point, California, specializes in smile design and full mouth reconstruction. Here, he details a case he and Dr. Jeffrey Barrera from Rancho Santa Margarita, California, restored using pressed IPS e.max® crowns and bridges for a male patient who had extensive wear, exposed dentin and extremely poor esthetics.

    Using the records, face bow, photography and desired vertical dimension provided by Barrera, Michel created a diagnostic waxup. After the patient wore the temporaries for several weeks and adjustments were made, Michel pressed 16 crowns and two three-unit bridges to full contour. He used a minimal cut-back technique and added the internal effects and translucency using e.max ceram.


    Andre Michel
    April 28, 2011

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  • Technician's Gallery: How to Recreate Periodontal Tissue and Restore Edentulous Implant Patients

    Jungo Endo, RDT, developed the Oral Stratified Buildup TechniqueTM, a systematic porcelain layering technique for creating lifelike periodontal tissue.

    Jungo Endo, RDT
    April 28, 2011

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  • Technician Teams with Dentist to Put Patients First

    Marius Vincze, CDT, MV Dental Studio, Wayland, MA, teamed up with Dr. Courtney Lavigne to design and build a 1,600-sq-ft dental practice and 120-sq-ft in-house laboratory. The duo works side-by-side for 60% of their restorative cases.

    Becky Tyre
    June 5, 2015

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  • Technology to Watch: AvaDent™ Digital Dentures

    Since launching AvaDent Digital Dentures last fall, Global Dental Science has milled close to 2,000 arches. The dentures are currently being marketed directly to dentists; a laboratory partnership model is in the works.

    "With AvaDent Digital Dentures, we are changing the entire fabrication process for removable prosthetics. This digital platform reduces processing time for the patient and dentist; improves fit, function and esthetics; and has tremendous future potential for implants, immediate dentures, bars and integration with cone beam CT scans," says Andy Jakson, Vice President of Clinical Development at Global Dental Science; he is also a laboratory owner.

    For the past three years, Global Dental Science—a Scottsdale, AZ company focused on process automation for dental procedures—has been developing software for digitally designing dentures and a process for milling the denture base and setting conventional denture teeth into the base. The company launched AvaDent...

    Kelly Fessel Carr
    September 14, 2012

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  • Tech-savvy Laboratory Uses Specialized Skills to Rebuild Faces

    Stop by Michigan Technical Implant Prosthetics Unlimited in Clarkston, Michigan, and, chances are, you’ll think you’ve stumbled upon a Hollywood special effects set. But don’t be fooled.

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  • Thayer Dental Laboratory: You Can't Beat a Four-Day Workweek

    Mechanicsburg, PA

    Owner: Greg Thayer

    48 employees

    Ever wish you had an extra day in the week to run errands, go to appointments, spend time with family or just chill out? The employees at Thayer Dental Laboratory have just that thanks to the lab’s four-day workweek adopted in 2005.

    “Ninety-five percent of our technical personnel work four, 10-hour days and that provides them with a better balance for their personal life to enjoy hobbies, interests or time with children,” says Lab Administrator Robert Gitman. The laboratory compresses its turnaround times to meet delivery dates and just a handful of staff—like the lab manager, a few technicians and delivery people—work Monday through Friday to ensure clients’ needs are met.

    As if a three-day weekend each week isn’t enough, Thayer’s benefits package is also the cream of the crop. In addition to covering 80% of employees’ healthcare and prescription premiums, it offers many benefits that...

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  • The Answers Issue

    The Answers Issue is LMT’s exclusive guide to everything you need to know about the dental laboratory industry & those who are in it. Our special coverage features over 400 facts, figures, statistics & strategies on industry trends, finance, retirement, dental lab history, personnel, dentist-clients, marketing, oral health & much, much more!

    LMT Communications, Inc.
    March 4 at 11:30 am

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  • The Argen Corp. Acquires Manufacturing and Distribution Rights For Captek Technology

    The Argen Corp., the largest dental gold producer in the world, has acquired the worldwide exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights for all Captek products and technologies.

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  • The Argen Corp. Acquires the Jelenko Dental Alloy Business From Heraeus Kulzer, Inc.

    The Argen Corp. acquired the Jelenko dental alloy business from Heraeus Kulzer, Inc. Argen is incorporating the business into its San Diego, California facility but will maintain the Jelenko brand name for the alloys.

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  • The Argen Corp.: How the World's Largest Alloy Company Reinvented Itself in the Digital Age

    Seeing the impending boom of digital technology, Anton Woolf, CEO of Argen Corp., conceived a plan to reinvent the company and its product offerings to meet the needs of the changing marketplace. The result? The Argen Digital Center.

    Kelly Fessel Carr
    February 25, 2015

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  • The Argen Corporation: It's Like Having a Metallurgist On Staff

    Three of the largest laboratories in the country share their experiences developing alloys and techniques with The Argen Corporation.

    Kelly Fessel Carr
    April 28, 2011

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  • The Art of SEO: 5 Tips to Ensure Dentists Find Your Website

    SEO ensures that your target audience has the ability to quickly find your laboratory’s website through a search engine; it’s what gets your website found and helps build traffic to your site.

    Jordon Comstock
    June 10, 2014

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