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  • September
  • LMT's Exclusive 2014 Wage Survey Report: Market Uncertainty Continues to Impact Personnel
    Kim Molinaro · LMT Surveys · Sep 2014

    Nearly three quarters of respondents to LMT’s exclusive 2014 Wage Survey have taken cost-cutting measures related to personnel in the last two years, citing unpredictable workflows, pricing pressure from dentists and other low-cost labs, and an increase in business costs.

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  • August
  • Now's the Time to Take Advantage of Tax Code Credits/Deductions

    LMT’s Buyer’s Guide is timed to coincide with your end-of-year fiscal planning and serves as a reminder that the cost of purchased or leased equipment (as well as off-the-shelf software) can be deducted under Section 179 of the IRS Tax Code.

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  • R&E Tax Credit Program Update: New Regulations Could Mean Significant Savings
    Doug Kolker · Marketing · Aug 2014

    The R&E Tax Credit rewards companies investing resources in the development or improvement of its products, processes and techniques. If you qualify, you could receive a credit of $25,000 to $50,000 per year depending on your situation.

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  • June
  • Anatomy of an Acquisition
    Maribeth Marsico · Marketing · June/July 2014

    Our industry is in acquisition mode. This month, LMT offers an inside look at D&S Dental Laboratory’s purchase of 10-person Hootman Dental Laboratory.

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  • May
  • Chairside CAD/CAM the Right Niche for New Lab

    Tra’ Chambers had no actual laboratory experience when he opened Express Dental Laboratory in Norman, OK in December 2012.  Harnessing the efficiency of CAD/CAM technology, the lab touts a two- to three-day turnaround (or same-day for its mobile service) and generated over $300,000 in revenue during its first full year in business. Now, with a staff of seven, the lab serves 118 clients and 45% of its work is completely digital. Here’s more about the lab’s growth strategies:

    LMT: What made you decide to open Express Dental Laboratory without any prior laboratory experience?


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  • Digital Trends You Need to Know

    70% of C&B and full service labs now have digital fabrication equipment in house, according to LMT’s exclusive 2014 Digital Technology esurvey.

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  • April
  • Ivoclar Vivadent Brings 'Innovation' to Chicago with New Zenotec select Milling Systems

    “The dental industry is rapidly changing,” said Robert Ganley, CEO of Ivoclar Vivadent, during the company’s Experience Innovation event on Friday night in Chicago. “We believe these changes will point the dental industry in a more digital direction with an emphasis on consistent high-quality materials, processes and results. With collaborative partnership and strong leadership, we can connect to the heartbeat of innovation and see improved efficiencies and growth throughout our profession.”

    Highlighting the event was the worldwide launch of the new Wieland Zenotec®...

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  • New Players: LMT Welcomes New Exhibitors to LAB DAY

    There were several new companies exhibiting at LAB DAY this year, almost all of them in the digital solutions arena:

    3DRPD USA is printing chrome-cobalt partial denture frameworks at its new facility in Rouses Point, NY. The company is working with laboratory customers only; you send an .stl file of a designed framework and the turnaround time starts at three days. For more details, call 855-373-6458, email or visit  

    DOF, Inc. (Degree of Freedom) specializes in open architecture CAD/CAM applications for the dental industry. Headquartered in Seoul, Korea,...

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  • CAP Introduces New Multi-Layered Zirconia, Awarded CIMSystem Reseller Award

    Custom Automated Prosthetics (CAP) introduced Multi FZ, a multi-layered zirconia that makes it possible to achieve an esthetic, multi-colored, monolithic, high-strength (1,100MPa flexural strength), milled full contour zirconia restoration without dipping or green-state shading. The 98-mm discs mimic natural dentition with cervical, body and enamel shading and a “blend zone” at each shade interface. For four- or five-axis milling machines, the discs are competitively priced and come in three different colors and white in order to match 16 VITA shades and bleach shades.  CAP Multi...

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  • Sterngold Introduces Stress Free Implant Bar, New Low Prices

    Sterngold launched its new Stress Free Implant-Bar (SFI-Bar®) used to splint implants together to retain an overdenture on two to six implants in both upper and lower jaws. The quick, simple and affordable technique ensures quality and passivity without milling. Compatible with most major implant systems, the bar can also correct the angulation of divergent implants.

    Sterngold also announced new low prices for its ERA Implant Abutments for most popular implant systems ($69) and its SternTek Custom Tray and Base Plate material ($49). For details, call 800-243-9942 or visit

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  • Preciso Solution Now Exports .stl Files, Mills 98-mm Pucks

    Jensen Dental announced two enhancements to the Preciso Digital Dentistry Solution:

    All Preciso configurations with Preciso CAD Software now have the ability to export .stl files.

    Using a patent-pending fixture, users of the Preciso M200 mill can easily switch from milling frameworks in the traditional 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ material form to milling 98-mm pucks. Customers who purchase an M200 Frame Mill—the frame version of the Preciso M200—also have the option to upgrade to a puck fixture at any time.

    “As digital dentistry continues to evolve, our goal is to empower...

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  • Zirkonzahn Launches New Milling Unit

    Zirkonzahn’s new Milling Unit Compact Line M1 includes the M1 Wet Heavy. The 5+1-axis unit features a four-fold orbit for extra stability, a necessity for milling hard metals, a six-fold tool changer as well as a wet processing function. It can process zirconia, titanium, chrome-cobalt, PMMA, wax, glass ceramics and prefabricated titanium abutments (Raw-Abutments©).

    For more information, call 800-989-8931 or visit

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  • Zubler Debuts Milling Wax Discs

    Zubler USA launched its new milling wax designed for pressing and casting. The wax has the reproducibility of a sturdy milling wax while retaining the characteristics of hand wax; it’s strong enough to maintain marginal integrity during milling, but is also workable for melting, spruing or sculpting. Thanks to the material’s translucent and contrasting characteristics, design detail is more visible. Because resin can increase burnout time and cause damage to pressing ovens and contamination, the discs contain less resin and more high-quality wax for better final results.

    The company...

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  • Roland Upgrades DWX-4 Compact Dental Mill with Accessories

    Roland DGA Corp. introduced two new optional accessories for the company’s DWX-4 compact mill:

    An automatic tool changer (ATC) that supports up to four different tool sizes for highly precise unattended milling.

    A multi-pin clamp that allows the machine to mill up to four different pin-type materials simultaneously, accommodating differences in material composition and color. As a result, prosthetics for up to four different patients can be produced in a single production run, saving time, labor and costs.

    “The DWX-4 is an easy-to-use, precise, on-demand production platform for digital...

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  • Delcam's New DentMILL 2014 Software Offers Higher Precision

    Delcam demonstrated its latest software release, DentMILL 2014, that offers enhanced milling precision, especially important for abutment interfaces. The software imports vector information that defines the alignment of the interfaces and overlays predefined milling templates for the interfaces which is more accurate than .stl geometry, according to the company.

    Another improvement to the system is the intelligent stock-management system, which allows the user to select only the sizes of material block currently in stock and suitable for the specified milling machine and fixture. After milling,...

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  • Attendees Get First Look at VITA Suprinity

    VITA Suprinity, a zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate ceramic, was displayed for the first time in the U.S. at Vident’s LAB DAY exhibit. The new-generation glass ceramic has a zirconium dioxide content around 10 times that of traditional CAD/CAM glass ceramic in combination with a fine-grained and homogeneous structure. Indicated for anterior and posterior crowns, implant restorations as well as veneers, inlays and onlays, the material will be available in the U.S. later this year for the CEREC/inLab MC XL, Amann Girrbach Ceramill Motion 2 and the KaVo Arctica 2 milling systems. Call 800-828-3839 or visit

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  • 3Shape Launches New Scanner, Adds Shade Measurement to TRIOS® Digital Impression System

    “During our 13-year history, 3Shape has had a strong and continuous focus on R&D. In fact, 40% of our staff members are involved in R&D. It’s our calling, our DNA,” said Flemming Thorup, President and CEO of 3Shape during his opening remarks at the company’s press conference in Chicago.

    One of the latest developments is the D900L scanner featuring a larger interior for scanning fully articulated models and large impression trays. The company also launched the Dental System™ 2014 which is available to all 3Shape Dental System™ subscribers as part of their...

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  • Screw-Retained Bars & Bridges Added to Straumann® CARES® System

    To help serve a growing population of edentulous patients, Straumann introduced CARES Screw-Retained Bars & Bridges for the Straumann bone-level and mixed tissue-level implant platforms. Homogenous and milled from one block at a Straumann centralized milling facility, the bars and bridges feature a direct connection to the implant; no additional abutment is required. They are available in grade 4 titanium or coron® cobalt-chromium alloy.

    The bars can be used for restorations from two to 10 implants and are available for several popular bar styles. The bridges can be used for restorations...

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  • Amann Girrbach America Announces New Materials, Interfaces

    In its “Lab Lounge” at LAB DAY, Amann Girrbach America featured Ceramill Zolid Pre-Shaded Blanks and Liquids, including three new pre-shaded blanks and a wide range of shading liquids, including the 16 Vita Classic shades. The company also now offers VITA ENAMIC® for Ceramill Motion 2, and Ceramill Multiframe, an adapter that makes Ceramill blanks compatible with other open 98-mm milling systems.

    The company also introduced Ceramill IOS, a new process that integrates Ceramill design software and milling units with third-party intraoral scanners. A new partnership between Amann Girrbach...

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  • B&D Dental Expands Digital Offerings with Multi-Layered Zirconia and New Mill

    B&D introduced ORIGIN® LIVETM  Multi Zirconia,  pre-shaded, multi-layered discs; each layer mimics the inherent gradations of natural teeth, including chroma, value, incisal effects and translucency. Since there’s no dipping or drying involved, the pre-shaded disks streamline production and are less technique sensitive than the coloring liquid method, according to B&D.

    The company also demonstrated its new ORIGIN-Haas 5HD milling machine with improved milling strategies (ORIGIN CAM Plus+ powered by hyperDENT) for fabricating custom abutments, implant bars and implant...

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  • Datron Launches New Entry-Level D5 Mill

    Datron has launched a new entry-level D5 dental mill that offers a manual puck change and costs about $50,000 less than their standard D5 model. “The unit is ideal for labs that mill mainly titanium products, but don’t require automatic puck changes,” said Robert Murphy, Vice President, noting that the entry-level D5 mill can be upgraded to include the automated puck changer if the lab’s needs change in the future.

    The company also showcased its new 5-axis D5 LS milling machine that is equipped with Heindenhain linear scales for applications that demand the utmost accuracy,...

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  • Core3dcentres® NA Now a BioHorizons® Authorized Milling Center

    Using genuine Laser-Lok® and non-Laser-Lok® abutments and BioHorizons components and materials, Core3dcentres NA now offers BioHorizons Custom Titanium Abutments and Hybrid Abutments to customers across North America. All related Core3dcentres workflows have also been fully validated by BioHorizons, including the use of Core3dcentres scan bodies by the technician and the dentist.

    “This agreement further enhances Core3dcentres in-tegrated ‘Practice-to-Lab’ Digital Implant Solutions™ for customized implant prosthetics, supported by continuing education, extensive...

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  • Zahn Dental Expands Zirlux® Line

    Zahn Dental introduced seven new products to its Zirlux line:

    Zirlux ST1 is an esthetic, strong, high-translucency zirconia that can be milled for full contour anterior and posterior crowns, bridges, frameworks and inlays; it’s available in multiple sizes and thicknesses.                     

    Zirlux Temp Multi is multi-layered PMMA material for milling esthetic temporary restorations.

    Zirlux Temp is a pre-colored PMMA material for milling esthetic temporary crowns and bridges; it’s...

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  • JUVORA™ Dental Disc Makes U.S. Debut

    PEEK—poly-ether-ether-ke-tone—was the talk of the IDS in Cologne last year; now, it’s come to the U.S. in the form of the JUVORA Dental Disc made from PEEK sourced directly and exclusively from Invibio® Biomaterial Solutions, a global leader of PEEK biomaterials. Available from JUVORA Inc., the disc received FDA clearance for milling frameworks for complete and partial removable dentures and implant overdentures earlier this year.

    “PEEK has had some use historically in dental applications such as abutments and healing caps. However, now with the JUVORA Dental Disc, dental...

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  • CAD BLU Offers Two New Desktop Systems

    AD BLU Dental has added the EZMill 5.0 to its line of EZMill compact desktop milling systems. Combining high-speed production and precision, the system can be used to mill a variety of restorations in numerous materials, including zirconium, acrylic and wax. A wet/dry option is available.

    The company also introduced the CAD BLU ProJet® 1200 3D printer. Costing less than $5,000, this desktop unit prints 10-12 units per hour with fine detail at an average cost of 50 cents per unit.

    For more information, call 212-481-8700 or visit

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