LMT LAB DAY Chicago 2016 Insider

Never before in U.S. history have so many dental professionals gathered under one roof to attend a lab technology-specific event. Check out the latest product launches and trending news from this record-breaking weekend.

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  • Here We Grow Again

    Never before in U.S. history have so many dental professionals gathered under one roof to attend a lab technology-specific event. In February, LMT LAB DAY Chicago welcomed 4,163 attendees!

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  • More Than 110 Products Launched at LMT LAB DAY Chicago

    Digital technology product lines continue to expand and this year’s attendees got the first look at new scanners, 3D printers, milling units and software options, as well as a host of new materials.

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  • Heraeus Kulzer Features LAB DAY's First Live Patient Demo

    Heraeus Kulzer’s clinic, Expanding Business Opportunities Presented with the PALA Digital Denture System, included an exciting LMT LAB DAY first: a live patient demonstration. Here, Dr. Lou Graham and Dental Assistant Yolanda Davila, take a patient’s impression and bite registration while dozens of LAB DAY attendees observed and asked questions. Throughout the process, Graham and David Avery, AS, CDT, TE, David Avery Consulting Services, LLC, covered the clinical technique from the records appointment to the try-in and delivery of the definitive restoration, and also offered tips for labs to share with their dentist-clients.

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  • Argen Introduces ArgenZ Anterior Value Shaded Disc System

    Argen launched its ArgenZ Anterior Value Shaded Disc System, a collection of pre-shaded super translucent zirconia that covers all 16 shades of the VITA Classic shade guide with just six value shaded discs. Each disc covers two to three shades based on value and chroma, requiring less inventory and mill time. No green stage shading is needed; you simply design, mill, sinter and stain and glaze.

    An alternative to lithium disilicate, the discs are 25% more translucent than HT zirconia and have a flexural strength of 765MPa, according to the company. They contain cubic zirconia, which refracts light to mimic natural teeth. Available in 98mm in a full range of thicknesses, the discs are indicated for three-unit full contour anterior bridges and single-unit anterior and posterior crowns and copings. For additional information, call 800-255-5524 or visit www.argen.com.

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  • Newlywed Technicians Met at LMT LAB DAY!

    It took LAB DAY to bring them together: several years ago, Heather Tesoriero (then Pear) and Vincent Tesoriero were both taking classes with Peter Pizzi, MDT, in Staten Island, NY, but they had never met. On the way to LAB DAY in 2013, they were both booked on the same flight, but Heather had to change her reservation so they never met then either. However, at LAB DAY that same year, the two were introduced by Pizzi and the rest is history; they were married just a few weeks before this year’s show, on February 6, 2016. 

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  • Handler Awards Curing Unit

    James “The Denture Man” Angelone (center), North Royalton, OH, was the lucky winner of Handler’s 2010DCU Denture Curing Unit. Angelone is pictured with Handler’s CEO Bill Lehman and LMT’s Judy Fishman. Bill Lehman has been with Handler for more than 50 years and its CEO for almost 40 years. 

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  • Digital Dental Lab and DLMS Merge, Launch New Products

    In order to offer a comprehensive suite of CAD/CAM solutions for digital dentistry, Digital Dental Lab and Dental Laboratory Milling Supplies have merged to form Digital Dental. Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, the new company offers the leading brands of Crystal® Zirconia, Dental Mill machines and SinterMax ovens. 

    The four founders—Scott and Anna Atkin of Dental Laboratory Milling Supplies and Kim and Cameron Karpowitz of Digital Dental Lab—have been working closely for years; all are staying on at the new company and are excited about the growth opportunities ahead.

    “We are entirely focused on being partners with our customers,” said Kim Karpowitz. “I believe this merger uniquely positions us to continue our leadership role in milled full contour posterior, anterior and implant restorations.”

    The merger transaction also provides new capital for growth. It was arranged and led by St. Louis-based Villhard Growth Partners (VGP) which specializes...

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  • Two New Bars Available from Panthera

    Panthera Dental featured two new bars developed in collaboration with clients in order to meet their needs.

    The Integrated Bar™ is a wrap-around implant bar that can be removed by the patient. Once the bar is removed, the patient only has to clean the small abutment. Nylon serves as the retention element that keeps the bar in place; it’s available in three colors and ranges from extra soft to strong retention. With its practical design, the system can be used directly on the head of the implant with an angle of up to 30°.

    The Lock ‘n’ Release™ is an upgraded version of a 10-year-old concept developed by Dr. Richard Taché and André Archambault, RDT. The system initially did not include an implant bar; it was intended to allow the prosthesis to be removed by pressing two buttons. Panthera Dental updated the concept to a CAD/CAM version for a custom adjustment and now includes a bar. The simple mechanism allows patients with dexterity issues...

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  • New 3M Website Celebrates 15 Years of Lava

    To celebrate 15 years of Lava brand success, 3M launched a new website at LMT LAB DAY Chicago dedicated to showcasing before-and-after case photos that demonstrate the esthetics and strength of Lava-brand zirconia crowns and bridges. In its 15 years of clinical use, millions of Lava restorations have been placed in over 40 countries.

    “Thousands of skilled clinicians and technicians have allowed 3M to offer the benefits of zirconia to patients around the world,” said Jennifer Van Ranst, U.S. Marketing Manager. “We are looking forward to using this website to showcase the clinical success our customers have achieved with this material.”

    Technicians and dentists can upload their favorite cases at www.3M.com/Lava15.

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  • Zahn Expands CAD/CAM Equipment and Material Lines

    Zahn Dental’s LMT LAB DAY Ballroom was bustling with attendees eager to see the company’s new line of open CAD/CAM equipment, Novux®, for printing, scanning and milling. The printing line includes the NX 3 Print and NX 4 Print printers and the NX 3D Print Box for post-curing. For scanning and milling, options include the NX100 scanner, NX Mill4 four-axis dry mill, NX Mill5 five-axis wet/dry mill and NXS-Plus and NX M-Therm sintering furnaces. The mills are designed for a wide variety of materials, including Zirlux®, Zirlux Acetal, BruxZir®, KATANA, wax, titanium and non-precious metals. Distributed in Belgium by Arseus Lab, the system is now available in the U.S. through Zahn Dental.

    The company also expanded its comprehensive Zirlux line with Zirlux 16+. These pre-shaded zirconia discs and blocks correlate with the 16 classical VITA shades as well as white and bleach shades. Demonstrating greater than 44% translucency and a flexural strength of 1,200MPa, Zirlux...

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  • Museum of Science and Industry Ideal Setting for Henry Schein's Digital Dentistry Event

    “We’re in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution: it’s all about interoperability of devices and connectivity between dentists and labs. The end result is better patient care.” said Stanley M. Bergman, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Henry Schein, kicking off the company’s Evolution of Digital Dentistry Summit 2016 at the Museum of Science and Industry, held during the Chicago Midwinter Meeting in February.

    After a reception during which attendees could network and visit the nearby exhibits in the museum, there was a panel discussion on digital dentistry moderated by Rich Miranda, President, Global Prosthetic Solutions and Laboratory Group, Henry Schein.

    “What’s the one problem we’re all trying to solve? Inconsistency,” said Panelist Richard Harrell, CDT, Chief Development and Operations Officer of DSG. “Digital technology eliminates the human touch points and thus the primary point of introduction of variable to the manufacturing...

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  • Shining 3D Debuts Handheld 3D Face Scanner

    Shining 3D demonstrated its new EinScan-Pro™ multi-functional handheld face scanner, which rapidly captures 3D data, including face contours for use with implant indications. The scanner features four scan options: handheld rapid scan, handheld HD scan, automatic scan and free scan. The external texture camera accessory is required to capture full-color 3D data of the object in handheld rapid scan, automatic scan and free scan modes.

    The scanner records in .stl, .obj and .asc formats, which can be used for 3D printing as well as designing. It’s compatible with any 3D printer as well as a variety of software systems. Call 86-571-82999050 or visit en.shining3d.com.

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  • DENTSPLY Offers Two New Solutions

    DENTSPLY launched two new products at LMT LAB DAY:

    The ATLANTIS CustomBase solution is a combination of an ATLANTIS patient-specific abutment and an ATLANTIS Core File with a screw access hole already indicated, providing a proper foundation for screw-retained restorations. Available for all major implant systems, and in titanium or gold-shaded titanium, the solution offers a customized emergence profile for soft-tissue esthetics, built-in anti-rotational features created by the patented ATLANTIS VAD (Virtual Abutment Design) software, and a retentive surface.

    “By incorporating the new ATLANTIS CustomBase solution, laboratories can avoid all the confusion and any concerns related to the restriction for use of titanium blanks and titanium bases by dental laboratories who are non-510(k) holders to hand-milling only,” said Matt Gassel, Director of Marketing, DENTSPLY Implants North America. “This latest solution streamlines workflow efficiency and allows the laboratory...

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  • Amann Girrbach Launches Ceramill Zolid FX

    Amann Girrbach introduced Ceramill Zolid FX Multilayer to the U.S. market at LMT LAB DAY Chicago. Ceramill Zolid FX Multilayer is a polychromatic, super-high-translucent zirconia with an integrated shade and translucency gradient. Smooth shade transitions simulate enamel, dentin and cervical shades in a naturally fluent progression without shade break lines; each Ceramill Zolid FX Multilayer blank covers two VITA tooth shades.

    To ensure complete shade stability, Amann Girrbach has linked the shades integrated in the blank with an intelligent nesting concept. Material-analogous visualization of the shade gradient enables the user to position the design in the blank according to the selected tooth and mill it. Ceramill Zolid FX Multilayer is currently available with shade gradients 0/A1, A2/A3, 0/B1, B2/B3; other shades are in development.

    In addition, Amann Girrbach now has three U.S. distributors—CAP, Benco Dental and Esthetic Professionals—and is offering the complete line...

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  • Zirkonzahn Adds M4 Milling Unit to its Line

    Zirkonzahn has expanded its milling unit line—which includes the upgradable M5 Milling Unit and the M1 Compact Line Milling Unit—with the new M4 Milling Unit. It’s equipped with built-in wet processing function and 5+1 simultaneous axes milling technology, making it easier to mill hard-to-reach areas such as undercuts and divergences.

    Indicated for crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and occlusally screw-retained bridges, attachments and bars, the unit can be used to mill zirconia, resin, wax, wood, sintered metal, cobalt chrome, titanium, Raw Abutments®, Bridge Rods, glass ceramics and composites. M4’s extra-large milling area is particularly suitable for the milling of models; up to 10 models or up to 20 complete full arches simultaneously.

    The integrated tool changer function and the tool magazine allow the automatic exchange of up to 32 milling burs, enabling efficient workflow management. The M4 workpiece table has various holders. For instance, you can clamp...

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  • 3Shape Announces Special LABcare™ Offer, Product Upgrades

    Celebrating its 10-year anniversary of exhibiting at LMT LAB DAY Chicago, 3Shape launched a special campaign offer for laboratories that already own a 3Shape lab scanner: they can now purchase an additional 3Shape lab scanner and receive up to five years of 3Shape LABcare™—that includes training, unlimited software upgrades, access to more than 50 training videos and global support—for free. Two years of LABcare are included with every scanner purchase and the additional number of years depends on the scanner model you purchase: an extra three years for D750, R750, D850, R850, D900L and R900; an extra year for D1000 and D2000.

    “Our new 3Shape ‘Pump up the volume’ campaign gives labs a cost-effective means to meet the growing demand for digital production while at the same time, staying up to date with our latest technology,” said Flemming Thorup, President and CEO at 3Shape.

    During his lecture at LAB DAY, The Latest and Greatest Innovations from...

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  • Aurident Offers Show Specials, New Products and Raffle

    Aurident’s Delta Milling Center is now offering BruxZir® Anterior Shaded anterior and premolar crowns and bridges in addition to Delta Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia restorations. At LMT LAB DAY, it also announced three specials, effective until July 31, 2016:

    A free titanium scan body with your first milled custom abutment order; the scan bodies are engraved with the implant type for easy identification.

    A free scan body kit with the purchase of an Optimet Scanner. A $1,925 value, the kit includes 70 scan bodies—two per implant system—for 35 implants of your choice plus an implant library.

    Special abutment pricing: $99 for a titanium abutment and $109 for hybrid abutments; both come with two free screws and you can submit .stl files or models.

    Aurident also introduced Helling Anti-Glare 3-D Spray for laser scanning. Its uniform thin application layer eliminates pooling and clumping that can impact scan data accuracy and it’s easy to remove by brushing, air blowing...

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  • Airway Management Launches dreamTAP™

    Airway Management launched the dreamTAP, its latest sleep apnea/snoring appliance that offers more tongue space for greater comfort than the original TAP. The screw mechanism has also been changed from stainless steel to cobalt-chromium, increasing strength and eliminating the possibility of an allergic reaction.

    “We feel we will be able to achieve an even better result with less protrusion than our previous versions,” said Dr. W. Keith Thornton, Inventor of the TAP line of appliances. “As with all of our appliances, we have designed the dreamTAP to meet the PDAC specifications to qualify it for Medicare reimbursement.”

    Labs can outsource to the TAP lab or buy the dreamTAP kit and fabricate appliances in house. Fabrication takes about one hour and the kit comes with everything needed to make the appliance, except the acrylic, and includes step-by-step working instructions and various marketing tools like images, videos, website content and customizable brochures....

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  • LMT LAB DAY Offers Fastest Registration Yet

    Wilfred Fernandez, CDT, Wilfer Dentures Laboratory in Springfield, VA, was the first attendee to register onsite using LMT’s faster, more efficient badge printing software from ATS. The system was especially fast for those who pre-registered; they received an email with a QR code a few days before the show and when they arrived at registration, the code was scanned directly from their smart phone or printed version of the email. One beep of the scanner and the badge was printed and ready to wear! With Fernandez are (from l. to r.): LMT’s Kate Conetta, Laurie Freddino and Jessica Fila. 

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  • LabStar Software Releases New App

    “Technicians tell me that dentists are always texting photos to them. Rather than having to get the photo off their phones and onto a computer, they can simply upload the photo directly to the case file using our new iPhone/iPad app, LabStar Attach,” said Jeff Noles, CEO of LabStar Software.

    The app is also designed to upload lab slip images by replacing paper scanners. It works side-by-side with LabStar’s Digital Transfer feature for HIPAA-compliant file sharing. LabStar plans to add features such as barcoding, delivery management and special reporting to the app.

    For information, call 323-522-3120 or email support@labstar.com.

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  • Ivoclar Vivadent Raffles Off Trip to IDS 2017

    Anthony Arcari, CDT, Owner of Arcari Dental Laboratory in Wakefield, MA, was a winner in Ivoclar Vivadent’s “Passport to IDS” promotion at LMT LAB DAY Chicago. He received a trip for himself and a guest to the 2017 International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany next March. Due to the promotion’s overwhelming response in Chicago, Ivoclar Vivadent is extending it to LMT LAB DAY West and East attendees (May 14 in Garden Grove, CA, and September 17 in Atlantic City, respectively). Stop by Ivoclar Vivadent’s booth to get your passport and enter to win.

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  • Talladium Introduces New Mill, Holds Zirconia Raffle

    Talladium launched the C5 MASTERmill, an affordable, five-axis unit that mills zirconia, PMMA, stone and composites. With a rotation range up to 35°, it’s ideal for fabricating models and surgical guides and holds blanks up to 40mm. Its 16-tool automatic changer has a haptic tool-usage measurement for diamond-coated tools to extend tool life. The C5 also features a powerful and precise spindle, a sealed-air working chamber to protect mechanics, and a drawer to conveniently store your tools and blanks. Call 800-221-6449 or visit www.talladium.com.

    The company also raffled off $500 worth of Luminesse zirconia. Entrants were collected at LAB DAY and the winner—Bill Bone, AAA Dental Studios, Omaha, NE—was announced in an entertaining video posted online; click here to see it.

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  • Harvest Showcases New Products with Hands-On Demonstrations

    Alongside demonstrations from well-known technicians including Peter Pizzi, Thomas Sing, Jungo Endo and Javier Vasquez, Harvest Dental debuted several new products in the LMT LAB DAY Exhibit Hall.

    Developed by Sascha Hein and the Bio-Emulation group—a collaborative, global think tank of renowned clinicians—Visual Eyes is an optical contact liquid you mix into your ceramic powders to see the actual fired shade of your wet ceramic restoration prior to firing.

    Scan Ink is a 3-micron scanning film for achieving non-glaring surfaces for CAD/CAM scanning. Apply a thin layer using a brush or spray bottle; it’s quick drying and easy to clean off.

    The ZCAD Wax Press 98 System is a new CAD/CAM wax system synergizing digital and analog workflows. The system includes millable waxes that produce strong and smooth wax patterns as well as premium modeling waxes for harmonious post-milled adjustments. Available in Beige, Gray, Brown and White.

    For more information, call 800-706-7599...

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  • TravelFlo Group Hands Out Leis, Chance at Bose Speaker

    LMT’s President Judy Fishman joined TravelFlo Group’s Robert Wisler (left) and Tim Hieb to draw the winning ticket for the company’s Bose SoundLink Speaker giveaway. The winner was Jungeun Kim from Dallas, TX.

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