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  • Talladium's Multi-Layered PMMA Makes Debut

    Talladium’s Luminesse ML PMMA discs are made of a pre-shaded acrylic resin for surgical guides and temporary crowns and bridges. Featuring excellent color stability and high-bending resistance, the discs incorporate three shades blended together for a natural-looking restoration. For details, call 800-221-6449 or visit www.talladium.com.

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  • exocad® Expands Integration, Upgrades Software

    exocad GmbH is now integrated with 3M®/Steinbichler® and Renishaw® scanners; labs that own these systems can upgrade to an exocad-based system for only the cost of the software.

    In addition, exocad has a new touch-enabled user interface, compatible with Windows 8 devices. An enhancement to the TruSmile® add-on module allows realistic per-tooth rendering for different metal alloys and ceramics, providing the dentist with a valuable tool to increase patient acceptance of a proposed restorative design.

    Note to any Lab Day Chicago attendees who tried to attend exocad’s clinics,...

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  • Preciso Solution Now Exports .stl Files, Mills 98-mm Pucks

    Jensen Dental announced two enhancements to the Preciso Digital Dentistry Solution:

    All Preciso configurations with Preciso CAD Software now have the ability to export .stl files.

    Using a patent-pending fixture, users of the Preciso M200 mill can easily switch from milling frameworks in the traditional 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ material form to milling 98-mm pucks. Customers who purchase an M200 Frame Mill—the frame version of the Preciso M200—also have the option to upgrade to a puck fixture at any time.

    “As digital dentistry continues to evolve, our goal is to empower...

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  • Zirkonzahn Launches New Milling Unit

    Zirkonzahn’s new Milling Unit Compact Line M1 includes the M1 Wet Heavy. The 5+1-axis unit features a four-fold orbit for extra stability, a necessity for milling hard metals, a six-fold tool changer as well as a wet processing function. It can process zirconia, titanium, chrome-cobalt, PMMA, wax, glass ceramics and prefabricated titanium abutments (Raw-Abutments©).

    For more information, call 800-989-8931 or visit www.zirkonzahn.com.

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  • AvaDent Partners with Dental Wings to Enhance Digital Denture Services

    Global Dental Science (GDS), makers of AvaDent Digital Dentures™, has entered into a long-term strategic partnership with Dental Wings:

    All DWOS 7 iSeries scanners are able to send files directly to GDS.

    Dental Wings is adding GDS software on all of its scanners.

    Dental Wings scanner owners who are not currently AvaDent customers now have an option in the DWOS  Connect™ network to send files to GDS to create an AvaDent denture.

    “The partnership with Dental Wings will be extremely valuable in helping us accelerate the adoption of our digital denture workflow into the dental...

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  • Nobilium's Dentate Esthetic Functional Space Ruler (DEFSR) Enhances Dentist-Laboratory Communication

    For multi-unit bridges or implant therapy, dentists can use Nobilium’s Dentate Esthetic Functional Space Ruler (DEFSR) to take critical measurements of a patient’s mouth and then send the ruler to the laboratory to ensure the final prosthesis is fabricated in harmony with the remaining teeth. The ruler measures the vertical distance from the undisplaced vestibule to the incisal edges of the maxillary and mandibular teeth and its relationship to the lip at repose and/or smiling. For more information, call 800-833-2343 or visit www.nobilium.com.

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  • Vaniman's Downdraft pro Transforms Workspace into Space-Saving Grinding Station

    Vaniman’s new stainless steel Downdraft pro can be built into a bench or tabletop work area to create a space-saving grinding station; both the stainless steel base and plastic shield can be removed when not in use. It features noise-reducing foam and a 1-½” hose attachment in the back and connects with all of the Vaniman Dust Collection equipment line. Cost: $339.

    For more information, call 760-723-1498, email Kgalenza@vaniman.com or visit www.vaniman.com.

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  • Zubler Debuts Milling Wax Discs

    Zubler USA launched its new milling wax designed for pressing and casting. The wax has the reproducibility of a sturdy milling wax while retaining the characteristics of hand wax; it’s strong enough to maintain marginal integrity during milling, but is also workable for melting, spruing or sculpting. Thanks to the material’s translucent and contrasting characteristics, design detail is more visible. Because resin can increase burnout time and cause damage to pressing ovens and contamination, the discs contain less resin and more high-quality wax for better final results.

    The company...

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  • Shofu Introduces Digital Camera to U.S. Market

    Previously sold only in Japan, Shofu Dental’s EyeSpecial C-II digital camera is now available in the U.S. Designed exclusively for dentistry and ideal for use in the laboratory, the camera features 12 megapixels, eight shooting modes, 49-mm close-up lens, intuitive one-touch operations, and a large LCD touchscreen that allows the user to view and scroll through images even with a gloved hand.

    The EyeSpecial C-II has excellent depth of field range, fast autofocusing and anti-shake capabilities, as well as infrared, UV and anti-reflection filters. It’s lightweight and can be held comfortably...

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  • Uhler Showcases UDS Pour Acrylic

    Uhler Dental Supply showcased its new UDS Pour Acrylic, a dimensionally stable auto-polymer used to make full or partial dentures in alginate (Max Print) or hydrocolloid (New Flex) investment material. LAB DAY attendees were given samples to take home and evaluate the new shades. For more information, call 800-937-3753.

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  • Roland Upgrades DWX-4 Compact Dental Mill with Accessories

    Roland DGA Corp. introduced two new optional accessories for the company’s DWX-4 compact mill:

    An automatic tool changer (ATC) that supports up to four different tool sizes for highly precise unattended milling.

    A multi-pin clamp that allows the machine to mill up to four different pin-type materials simultaneously, accommodating differences in material composition and color. As a result, prosthetics for up to four different patients can be produced in a single production run, saving time, labor and costs.

    “The DWX-4 is an easy-to-use, precise, on-demand production platform for digital...

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  • Precise-Fit™: a System for Digitally Designing and Printing a Trial Baseplate

    With Precise-Fit from Valplast International Corp., Valplast dentures can now be designed and blocked-out from any digital scan or .stl file and output to a unique printed base that can be tried into the patient’s mouth. All design is done digitally, eliminating duplicate models and traditional waxups with a trial baseplate printed using a proprietary flexible resin and 3D digital printer.

    The Precise-Fit baseplate lets dentists evaluate jaw relation and tooth arrangement, as well as preview the fit of the final restoration before processing. The lab can process the baseplate without duplicating...

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  • Foredom Introduces Shelf Arm for Work Bench System

    The MAAH-S Shelf Arm, the newest addition to Foredom’s Work Bench System, was on display for the first time in the LAB DAY Exhibit Hall. The arm is a 10 1⁄4” x 8 3⁄4”, powder-coated, steel platform that is 1/4”-thick and swings 180°. It mounts directly onto the Work Bench System Motor Hanger or alternate support rod and is ideal for holding compact tools like micromotors or filter hoods. The system also features a pivoting LED light bar, handpiece rest and storage arms. Components are made of brushed stainless steel and anodized aluminum with uniform mounting...

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  • GC/Renfert Wheel of Fortune: $30,000+ Worth of Prizes

    Attendees at GC America and Renfert’s clinic programs had a chance to win big by spinning a prize wheel at the companies’ booth in the Exhibit Hall. The big-ticket winners included Rebecca Norman, Apex Dental Lab, Omaha, NE; SoYoun Zepeda, Zepeda Dental Lab, Oglesby, IL; and Andrew Tisdale, Aesthetic Dental Solutions, Lexington, SC. They each won a GC Initial porcelain system kit valued at over $5,000.

    Every spin was a winner! Katie Leimbacher, also from Apex Dental Lab, won Renfert’s Basic Quattro Sandblaster valued at $1,500. Trisha Dahmen, from Indiana University-Purdue University...

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  • GC Initial Zirconia Disks Now Available from GC America

    GC America introduced a new addition to the GC Initial portfolio: GC Initial Zirconia Disks. The disks are cold isostatic pressed for optimized physical properties and available in two types: Standard Translucency (ST) ideal for veneering; and High Translucency (HT) ideal for full contour, monolithic restorations. For more information, call 800-323-3386 or visit www.gcamerica.com.

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  • MaxSteam Introduces MS MAXFLEXINJECTION System

    MaxSteam showcased its new MS MAXFLEXINJECTION system. Made in Italy, the system offers digital control, automatic injection, and fast and easy processing. You select the time (up to 60 minutes) and temperature (up to 400oC) appropriate for the material and then insert the flask. You can use any quality biocompatible colored or transparent material, including nylon, to fabricate flexible dentures, bite guards and mouthguards. The unit weighs 22kg, measures 20x32x45cm and has a maximum pressure of six bars. For more information, call +39 0522371903, email info@maxsteam.it or visit www.maxsteam.it.

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  • Delcam's New DentMILL 2014 Software Offers Higher Precision

    Delcam demonstrated its latest software release, DentMILL 2014, that offers enhanced milling precision, especially important for abutment interfaces. The software imports vector information that defines the alignment of the interfaces and overlays predefined milling templates for the interfaces which is more accurate than .stl geometry, according to the company.

    Another improvement to the system is the intelligent stock-management system, which allows the user to select only the sizes of material block currently in stock and suitable for the specified milling machine and fixture. After milling,...

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  • Who Are the Damaged Goods?

    If you walked past the Smile Line booth at LAB DAY, it was hard to miss the pirate logo hanging on the wall behind the hands-on demonstrations. Smile Line partnered with the Dental Technicians Guild (DTG), a group of 130 technicians committed to helping each other improve their skills, networking and sharing ideas. With a strong Facebook following, members come from all over the world including Spain, Columbia, Japan and Russia.

    Founder Von Grow started the Damaged Goods t-shirt line a few years ago and decided to use the pirate logo to brand the DTG group. For more information—including...

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  • Attendees Get First Look at VITA Suprinity

    VITA Suprinity, a zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate ceramic, was displayed for the first time in the U.S. at Vident’s LAB DAY exhibit. The new-generation glass ceramic has a zirconium dioxide content around 10 times that of traditional CAD/CAM glass ceramic in combination with a fine-grained and homogeneous structure. Indicated for anterior and posterior crowns, implant restorations as well as veneers, inlays and onlays, the material will be available in the U.S. later this year for the CEREC/inLab MC XL, Amann Girrbach Ceramill Motion 2 and the KaVo Arctica 2 milling systems. Call 800-828-3839 or visit vident.com.

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  • Dentsoll Introduces Pre-Made Clasps

    Dentsoll introduced Acry-Tone Pre-Made Clasps for conventional denture repairs and flippers. “Made of flexible acrylic, the clasps can shorten the denture repair process significantly, to less than 10 minutes,” said Esther Kim, Director, Sales and Marketing. The clasp can be molded with a heat gun and bonded with ISO Fast self-curing resin.

    Also new: Snow Rock Denture Systems Repair Kit for quick repairs on all acrylic removable applications, re-gardless of color and make. The kit includes ISO Fast in color #7α Real Pink, a self-curing repair resin that sets in three minutes and...

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  • 3Shape Launches New Scanner, Adds Shade Measurement to TRIOS® Digital Impression System

    “During our 13-year history, 3Shape has had a strong and continuous focus on R&D. In fact, 40% of our staff members are involved in R&D. It’s our calling, our DNA,” said Flemming Thorup, President and CEO of 3Shape during his opening remarks at the company’s press conference in Chicago.

    One of the latest developments is the D900L scanner featuring a larger interior for scanning fully articulated models and large impression trays. The company also launched the Dental System™ 2014 which is available to all 3Shape Dental System™ subscribers as part of their...

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  • Screw-Retained Bars & Bridges Added to Straumann® CARES® System

    To help serve a growing population of edentulous patients, Straumann introduced CARES Screw-Retained Bars & Bridges for the Straumann bone-level and mixed tissue-level implant platforms. Homogenous and milled from one block at a Straumann centralized milling facility, the bars and bridges feature a direct connection to the implant; no additional abutment is required. They are available in grade 4 titanium or coron® cobalt-chromium alloy.

    The bars can be used for restorations from two to 10 implants and are available for several popular bar styles. The bridges can be used for restorations...

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  • Aurident, Inc. Awards Digital Tablet

    LMT’s Judy Fishman draws the winning names in Aurident’s annual LAB DAY drawing. Tim Donahue, CDT, LaDouce Dental Laboratory, Saginaw, MI, won a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, and Mark Urlaub, Precision Dental, Omaha, NE, won a 1-oz. Silver Eagle Coin.

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  • Amann Girrbach America Announces New Materials, Interfaces

    In its “Lab Lounge” at LAB DAY, Amann Girrbach America featured Ceramill Zolid Pre-Shaded Blanks and Liquids, including three new pre-shaded blanks and a wide range of shading liquids, including the 16 Vita Classic shades. The company also now offers VITA ENAMIC® for Ceramill Motion 2, and Ceramill Multiframe, an adapter that makes Ceramill blanks compatible with other open 98-mm milling systems.

    The company also introduced Ceramill IOS, a new process that integrates Ceramill design software and milling units with third-party intraoral scanners. A new partnership between Amann Girrbach...

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  • New Monarch Teeth from Dentorium

    Dentorium’s Ariel Marero and Lenny Heller discuss the company’s new Monarch three-layer VITA shade teeth with Steve Cantor, CDT, of Suburban Dental Lab in Bloomfield, CT. The teeth offer multi-cross-linked technology to ensure the look and feel of natural dentition. They offer abrasion resistance, hardness, enhanced toughness, reduced chipping and improved color stability, and come with a five-year guarantee against excessive wear. For a sample, call 800-847-4209 or 212-691-6464.

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