• July 2012
  • Afghanistan Dental Relief Project Looking For Help

    Hello, ADRP Supporter!

    The land for our project in Kabul is being sold by the owner, who is in debt and needs the money. He is allowing the project to buy the land, but if this is not possible, he is going to evict us by the end of the month.

    We are only a few months away from becoming self-sufficient economically. We have built a new clinic to treat non-Afghan patients for the Dubai fee; we have permission from the Ministry of Health to do this.

    Treating only twelve patients a month at this rate will fund the cost of treating 1,200 poor Afghan patients for free. If we can buy the land, we can preserve the project and go on to help poor Afghans into the future.

    We have a shipment valued at over $2 Million ready to ship for free with help from the Department of Defense, and we have permission to import this as well. In the shipment is enough supplies to last the project for at least five years, all the equipment for the new clinic, and enough denture supplies to make full dentures...

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