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  • Alex Donici

    Owner at Donici Dental Lab

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  • Judy Fishman

    President/Publisher at LMT Communications, Inc.

    Serving the needs of the dental laboratory community has been Judy's core mission for over 30 years. An industry leader known for her integrity & optimism, Judy understands the needs of the market and develops practical solutions...

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  • Kent Kohli, CDT

    Fixed Facilitator at NDX National Dentex Corp.

    Kent is the Fixed Facilitator for National Dentex Corp.'s Professional and Technical Development Team. He is also a Noritake Instructor and independent consultant for Kuraray-Noritake Dental. Kent's passion is education and...

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  • Xiaoping Liu

    Manager at Smart Dental CAD Studio

    Specialize in CAD design

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  • Chris Valdez

    CAD/CAM Specialist at Peebles Prosthetics Inc.

    I am the CAD/CAM Specialist at Peebles Prosthetics/Dental Lab, a full-service dental lab in Lakewood, Colorado established in 1984. With an educational background in computer science I first entered the dental lab industry...