• Stacie Wright · Account Manager at Digital Dental

    Check out our new website:

  • Dragon Cai · Sales Manager at Shenzhen UP3D Tech Co.,Ltd

    Shenzhen UP3D Tech Co.,Ltd-Manufacturer of 3d dental model and impression scanner for dental laboratories and solution provider of dental CAD/CAM system in China

  • Robin L. Robinson, CDT · Director Of Training at Friendship Dental Laboratories, Inc

    Happy to serve as Director of Training for Friendship Dental Laboratories, Inc, a lab I've worked for 25 years!

  • Lupo Villega, DDS · Dentist at Main St Dental

    Hi I will like to have information of mestra USA. Please

  • NOW HIRING! Our high-end lab in Texas is looking for an anterior ceramist, as well as an experienced CAD designer / finisher. You've never worked in a dental lab like this! Since we are not a "production" lab, our goal is not to have a large number of people, but rather to have the RIGHT people. We're looking for quality-minded dental technicians only If that's you, come join us and find your dream job! We work only 4 days a week and enjoy life on 3-day weekends year-round.

    Please "visit" us at and call me on my cell (254-717-0712), day or evening, to discuss career...See more

  • Glenn Kennedy · VIce President Business Development, Americas at Medit Co.

    Please join us at LMT Lab Day East in Atlantic City. Medit and our resellers will have the award winning Medit Hybrid on display and ready for demonstrations. See the scanner in action and test drive our Identica Scan 2.0 software in Booth B-10

    We look forward to meeting you on Saturday, September 17th!

  • Edye Bagheri · Director at Magic Touch Software International

    Is a paperless Lab possible?

    Wouldn't it be great if you could get rid of most papers in your laboratory?

    Dental Laboratories consume a lot of paper printing Work Orders and other case related correspondence. Every time a case changes, they print another Work Order and then they have to locate the case in the lab to replace or add to the work order in the Pan. This process is very inefficient, time consuming and impacts our environment. In many situations, technicians may not even see or read the instructions and produces less than perfect dental pieces resulting in unhappy customers and remake...See more

  • These tips and tricks from 3Shape will help you get the most out of your 3Shape Communicate™ service ‪#‎dentalblab‬ — tagged Zahn Dental and 3Shape, Inc.

  • Thomas Zaleske · Owner/Dental Technician at Matrix Dental Laboratory & Consulting

    Only Friday night rooms left for LMT East...Saturday sold hiss

  • Wendy Huang, DDS · Administrator at Gleemex Dental Lab


  • Registration for this lecture is now open! Please visit to register online.

  • Kervin Sun, CDT/TE · Manager at Thriden Industrial Co., Ltd

    Thriden Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional supplier which integrated R&D, production, sale and service in one, dedicates in providing CNC dental solutions for milling center or dental lab, such as stunning function 5 Axes linkage milling machine, high quality zirconia block for restoration , precision moulded disc and drills.
    More than thirteen years ago, we are only a dental lab and now this lab is still running. In 2009, Mr Sun has met with our technical director who just got the PhD on ceramic in Stockholm University Sweden. Backed up by the team of technician and engineers who have sophisticated...See more

  • It is not easy for someone in a management position to create harmony in the workplace when faced with a generational divide. ‪#‎dentalblab‬ — tagged Zahn Dental

  • A sure way to neatly bypass contamination transfer and enhance personnel safety is to make human-machine interfaces for devices truly touchless, without having to learn pesky voice commands or gesture. Easily adapted to electronic and electro-mechanical devices, touchless, holographic HoloTouch® HMI technology allows operators to control devices by simply passing a finger through holographic images of what would otherwise be keys or buttons of those devices, floating freely in the air at a convenient location. See

  • Jo-Ann Levins · Dental Education Assistant at Ivoclar Vivadent

    I want to remind you that we have a wide variety of courses coming this fall down here at our International Center for Dental Education - Sarasota, Florida. While you are getting your CE hours in you can get some rest & relaxation in also with an extended weekend. The Holiday Inn Lakewood Ranch will honor our $99 plus tax a night (which includes a buffet breakfast).

    Listed below is our upcoming courses, course fee and instructor information:

    Master Course A - Design & Fabrication of
    CAD/CAM Bar, Screw-Retained Hybrids
    with Tom Wade, CDT August...See more

  • We had to join in on the fun and share Brian Greer's song, "The Cover of the LMT"

    'The Cover of the LMT' Garners Industry-Wide Attention
    LMT Communications, Inc. · Industry News · Nov 2011

    Brian Greer, a waxer at East Tennessee Dental Restorations in Kingsport, TN, is also making a name for himself as a singer/songwriter. He’s been performing at Hi-Tec Dental’s Annual Rally & Conferenc

    Most recently November 14, 2011 by LMT Communications, Inc.
  • David Pereira · Acrylic Allergy Patient

    Help! With an Acrylic Allergy, email:

    I am a patient from India that suffers from an acrylic allergy and wears a complete upper denture. A few years ago I had a denture made from Northerm (that is non-acrylic Styrene Acrylonitrile) denture base and ceramic teeth from IVOCLAR. Northem, sourced from The Fexite Company, has been discontinued because it is prone to cracking. Unfortunately my denture has also developed a crack, so I am looking for an alternative. Thinking of a complete denture base from Valplast or Sunflex. i think Sunflex is more rigid than Valplast. For these materials,...See more

  • What 3D printer are you? Find out!

    Sure, you may have never wondered which 3D printer your personality most closely matches. But now that we've planted the seed, aren't you curious? Find out now and share your results!

  • Robert Wolk · Owner at Wolk Dental

    Very dependable.sales staff very helpful.

  • Robert Gitman · Company Administrator at Thayer Dental Laboratory

    Goodbye language barriers

  • Aaron Hoffman · Co-Owner (I'd rather be in the trenches than a suit) at Sunflower Dental Studio

    Looking for a 3D printing company that can design our models, print, and send back to us in no more than 3 days. Currently using CAP and they are taking 5 days KILLING our production and one of our accounts. Let me know! Thanks — tagged CAP

  • Victor Nin · C&B Manager at West Palm Beach VAMC

    What's new?...have not been here in a while.

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