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  • Dental Creators UNO.5® Desk Top and 10.5 Mills
    Product News · Digital Fabrication · Vision USA, a Dentrex Co. · Jun 20, 2013

    Dental Creators UNO.5 Desk Top and 10.5 compact stand-alone milling machines offer continuous five-axis milling for high-precision basic copings to abutments and bars. From VISION USA, the machines mill zirconia, titanium, PMMA denture resin and wax; the 10.5 also mills chrome cobalt. The UNO.5 and 10.5 mill both in wet and dry mode and incorporate a system for filtration and recirculation of liquids. Both machines are pressurized, self-containing the zirconia powder during and after the milling process; have an efficient automatic tool changer and can work unattended overnight; and have rotary...

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