• July 2014
  • Keystone Industries Acquires The Harry J. Bosworth Company

    To further their goal of producing the most innovative, high quality products in the dental industry, Keystone Industries has announced they have acquired Harry J. Bosworth, a company dedicated to producing top-quality dental materials since 1912.

    The Bosworth Company, a business that has been committed to the improvement of the dental world on the practitioner side, is excited to join forces with another leader in the United States dental manufacturing industry. Customers of these two internationally recognized companies will receive extensive access to unique dental products.

    Milly Goldstein, President of the Bosworth Company said, “By blending our strengths, the laboratory and dental trade markets we serve will benefit from a greater continuity of service and products. We are truly excited about this endeavor and look forward to the projects we can accomplish together.”

    Keystone and Bosworth will bring together more than 200 combined years in the dental manufacturing business,...

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