• October 2012
  • Attend APS Annual Meeting, Receive Free One-Year Membership

    The American Prosthodontic Society (APS) has long been an advocate for teamwork among clinical and laboratory professionals and, in 2005, modified its bylaws to establish full membership and voting rights for dental technicians. Now, to further encourage technician participation and membership, the APS is offering a special incentive program: get a complimentary one-year APS membership (a $276 value) when you pay to attend the APS annual meeting at the Swissotel in Chicago February 21-22. The fees for non-member dental technicians to attend the annual meeting are as follows: $515 by October 31, $565 by December 31 and $615 onsite.

    With 400 members from over 20 different countries, including 25 U.S. technicians and about 250 dentists, the annual meeting features unique networking opportunities

    and the latest research and techniques, including lectures on ceramics, esthetics, implants and more.

    An annual technician membership to the APS offers a variety of benefits: discounted annual meeting...

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