All ceramics means optimum results in the esthetic zone.

The objective of this program is to demonstrate high esthetic and functional concepts for all ceramic restorations such as fully layered, micro layered, as well as the monolithic solutions.

Systematic handling procedures (conventional and digital) will be presented with the goal to achieve efficient and predictable results.

The observation of natural dentition is addressed to identify decisive characteristics that are essential indications for the right selection of materials and the art of making lifelike restorations.

Learn to apply innovative staining and layering techniques while controlling color and value and creating lifelike effects, consequently resulting in a naturally brilliant esthetic outcome.

In this hands-on course, 5 diverse all-ceramic restorations will be fabricated using the latest materials and techniques, focusing on the important things to efficiently achieve the maximum esthetic outcome when working with IPS e.max System and Zenostar (Translucent Zirconia) materials.

Course topics:

  • Fully layered, micro-layered and monolithic restorations
  • Advanced material selection
  • Choosing the ideal translucency
  • Designing, milling, pressing
  • Management of color and value
  • Creation of lifelike effects
  • Realizing of natural form, texture and glaze