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Jun 5-6, 2014
Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy (San Francisco)
1291 E. Hillsdale Boulevard, Suite 123 · Foster City, CA

Esthetic excellence for multiple all-ceramic restorations

The IPS e.max all-ceramic system permits us superior management of light and color to mimic the natural dentition. Nevertheless comprehensive skills on the materials and adequate experience with the fabrication of high-strength all-ceramic restorations for PRESS and/or CAD/CAM technology are the foundation to succeed. Designed for experienced ceramists, this two-day course provides beneficial principles to fabricate high esthetic all-ceramic restorations for different clinical situations. Guidelines for communication between the dentist and technician will be discussed. The material selection is based primarily on the different translucency levels of the ingots/blocks and subsequently coordinated to the different backgrounds of prepared teeth or implant abutments. The efficient creation of a perfectly balanced smile design on different substructures and differences in materials thicknesses can be challenging. The participant will learn and experience advanced principles to facilitate them with the fabrication of a multiple unit case from the start to the end. Attendees will accomplish a combination of crowns, veneers, thin veneer and implant-supported hybrid all-ceramic restoration.

Learning objectives:
• Overview on the latest developments regarding the IPS e.max all-ceramic system
• Communication guidelines between the dentist and technician
• Advanced criteria’s for ingot/block selection
• Tooth form consideration regarding esthetics and function
• Esthetic layering scheme
• Coordinating color and value for multiple unit case
• Ceramic abutment solutions
• Cementation procedure

 Note: Pre-course work is required for this course