Community Guidelines

Welcome to, an authentic community of members in the Dental Lab Industry, worldwide! We aim to bring together the various passions and talents to strengthen our bonds and empower us to do better work. To make sure that our community remains a trusted and valuable destination on the web, there are a few simple ground rules.

Be yourself

When you join, you do so with your real names, real job titles and real lab information. We require this so that our community is actually representative of the real offline community in which we are all involved.

More importantly, is a place to connect with people you respect. Using your real name and real face allows you to not only find the right people, but to be the right person for others.

Not for sale*

Laboratories: Have work/a case/a product you use/company announcement that you're proud of and want to promote? If it makes sense with the topic to which you're submitting or to the conversation in which you're participating, go for it. It's times like this that the value of really shines.

Manufacturers: We encourage you to create a vendor profile to allow you to post company news, events and products. Engage with your audience by discussing your company, products and services.

Keep it relevant

We're not here to talk about topics unrelated to the industry. While posting photos of your relaxing weekend is a nice way to add a personal touch to a professional relationship, even the best-intentioned contribution isn't going to hold much value out of context.

Be polite

While we welcome and encourage lively debates on tough matters, don't make it personal. No bullying, flaming, finger pointing or derogatory remarks. Everyone's opinion is valid because everyone is an industry member. Everyone should feel welcome to contribute to discussions.

Content may be curated

We reserve the right to modify, edit or refuse anything you contribute. Specifically, we may edit or augment posts we feel haven't been expressed most efficiently to garner desired responses and we may also edit out inappropriate content from an otherwise awesome comment.

Start an interesting thread? We'll probably feature it in the next issue of LMT Magazine.

Taking a time out

If you disregard these guidelines, we may temporarily suspend your account and let you know. Continued offenses will result in the removal of your account and all related activity.

Contribute with care

This is your chance to make your voice heard among your peers, customers and vendors. Use your common sense and good manners. Express yourself clearly and politely.

Thanks for being part of We hope that over time we will be able to yield the same enthusiasm, insight and value that our LAB DAY shows provide three times a year online 24/7 every day.

These guidelines follow the format outlined on GOOD.