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  • Evaluating Furnaces
    Chris Wilson · Vice President at Zubler USA, Inc.

    Are you looking for a pressing oven with features others do not have? What makes the difference from...See more

  • Step 14
    To press, place the IPS e.max Press Multi ingot into the investment ring with the imprinted side...See more — tagged 3 productsProgramat® EP 5000 Furnace
    Programat P310 and P510
    Ivoclar Vivadent Programat® EP 5010

  • I have some good equipment for sale: Porcelain Furnaces: Dekma D2, Jelenko Commodore: Call 850-626-9167...See more — tagged Furnaces

  • September 1985: The 80s' Most Significant Technological Advances

    In our first-ever State of the Industry survey, LMT asked readers to indicate the most significant technological...See more

  • Whip Mix Corp. · Louisville, KY

    Differences in sintering furnaces are not just based on brand and price. Heating elements, number of...See more


    Interested in learning more about Multimat NTX/NTX PRESS Porcelain...See more

  • Whip Mix Corp. · Louisville, KY

    e.MAX® has become a very useful and well accepted tool for dental restorations. Here are some tips...See more


    Wow, it’s been a busy summer at DENTSPLY Prosthetics....See more — tagged Furnaces and DENTSPLY Cercon® ht Full Contour Zirconia, 98 mm Disks

  • Is anyone pressing Emax with an Optimal Autopress furnace, and if so, do you have any suggestions on...See more — tagged IPS E.max and Furnaces

  • Are there any rules about sintering zirconia? Some say that longer cycles are better and they recommend...See more — tagged Zirconia and Furnaces

  • I need some opinions on porcelains

    What are the best porcelains for PFMs?
    What porcelain furnaces and pressing units for all porcelain...See more — tagged 3 topicsPFM

  • Karen Johnson, CDT · Owner at Johnson Dental Ceramics

    Where is the best place to try to sell unused supplies, such as I have quite a few bottles of the Vita...See more

  • Porcelain Department:The laboratory invested in custom-built, L-shaped benches throughout the...See more

  • David Burns, president & CEO of imagen; Dave Lesh, owner of Dale Dental, Richardson, TX; and Don Albensi,...See more

  • The laboratory features Nevin benches with color-corrected lighting and centralized, on-demand Zubler...See more

  • Instead of conventional rows of benches, the ceramic department--which is lit with Dazor color-corrective...See more

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