Labor—Not Material Costs—is Key Factor Driving Selling Price of Chinese Crowns

Brian O. Carson, CDT · July 8, 2012

Please allow me to “clarify” that I’m not against outsourcing or going off shore, however when going off shore one needs to understand “who” they are supporting.
All that I glean from this is the author justifying sending his work to China. China currently holds the highest record for “counterfeiting” products, not to mention dishonest business practices. Let’s set all this aside for the moment. China’s track record on human rights violations is absolutely abhorrent! Sure Bennett and the folks at NADL can show a nicely put together lab in China, but are they getting the whole story? Remember folks, China is a “Communist” country where citizens are no more than cattle that can produce for the state. So, does ProLab and others alike take this into consideration when making the conscious decision to make a business model based on China? FDA registered and FDA approved materials? China is the “Master” of deception and counterfeiting.
Our industry needs a swift kick in a different direction. We as a whole have not tended shop as needed when it comes to treating our house as a business. It is high time that our fee’s reflect the labor, skill , knowledge and the material that it takes to make a restoration. I can guarantee if the educational level and overall professional appearance would increase so would the interest. There is a whole labor pool in this country that has not even been tapped and they are waiting.
There is no amount of articles that can be written that can convince me that sending work to China is okay; because it’s not! And please save me with the retorts of Wal-Mart and where my clothes are made or even the point of origin of my kid’s toys.
Creating a replacement body part that has a direct impact on the overall health and mental well being of a person is a task that I take personally!— tagged Outsourcing