Should I take on outsourcing work?

An outsource lab calls me up and wants to send me some work...Do I...

A) Bring it. Cant say no to money coming in.

B) Do it, i'm flattered they thought about using my work and this can help pay some supply costs.

C) Do it for a bit and only take the units I want.

D) No, My business is built upon quality not price, and my reputation is known for it.This is why my doctors us me and not them. They are my competition and this is only helping them out. They would be selling my art & product...See more

January 12, 2012

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There are 9 Answers
  • Scott Larson, CDT · Owner at Larson Dental Lab

    I'll buck the trend and say "D". If you truly are quality, and have a known reputation, I say build upon...See more

  • Andy Woods · President at Blue Box Dental Laboratory

    Business is business Joey. We can't change basic economics and to turn down sales for any reason other...See more

  • Jim Thacker · Vice President at Utah Valley Dental Lab/UVDL

    That's an easy you have excess capacity? Will you still be able to produce work on time for...See more

  • Paul Karolidis, RDT · Dental Technician/Denturist at Absolutely Dentures

    Justify it as helping the world. Artists have traditionally starved!

  • Aaron Hoffman · Co-Owner (I'd rather be in the trenches than a suit) at Sunflower Dental Studio

    If you don't..........send them my way;) Does that answer your question? Dude, 10 years ago my answer...See more

  • Joey Trevino · Owner/Creator at Cascade Crowns

    I chose 'D' with a little 'C' mixed in.

  • Joshua Fitzgerald, CDT/TE · Owner at Fitzgerald Dental Studio

    I say "E". Just think of what the economy would be like if all of those offshore jobs we are creating...See more

  • Toan Nguyen, DDS · Dentist at Dessau Dental Lab

    Depends - if you are busy, then say no. If you have the time and can take on the work without compromising...See more

  • Jennifer Duguid · Owner at Creamer Dental Laboratory

    I'm curious how outsource labs are hurting our industry. They have a business model built around service...See more

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