Should I take on outsourcing work?

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  • Toan Nguyen, DDS · Dentist at Dessau Dental Lab

    Depends - if you are busy, then say no. If you have the time and can take on the work without compromising...See more

  • Joey Trevino · Owner/Creator at Cascade Crowns

    I chose 'D' with a little 'C' mixed in.

  • Andy Woods · President at Blue Box Dental Laboratory

    Business is business Joey. We can't change basic economics and to turn down sales for any reason other...See more

  • Jennifer Duguid · Owner at Creamer Dental Laboratory

    I'm curious how outsource labs are hurting our industry. They have a business model built around service...See more

  • Paul Karolidis, RDT · Dental Technician/Denturist at Absolutely Dentures

    Justify it as helping the world. Artists have traditionally starved!

  • Jim Thacker · Vice President at Utah Valley Dental Lab/UVDL

    That's an easy you have excess capacity? Will you still be able to produce work on time for...See more

  • Joshua Fitzgerald, CDT/TE · Owner at Fitzgerald Dental Studio

    I say "E". Just think of what the economy would be like if all of those offshore jobs we are creating...See more

  • Scott Larson, CDT · Owner at Larson Dental Lab

    I'll buck the trend and say "D". If you truly are quality, and have a known reputation, I say build upon...See more

  • Aaron Hoffman · Co-Owner (I'd rather be in the trenches than a suit) at Sunflower Dental Studio

    If you don't..........send them my way;) Does that answer your question? Dude, 10 years ago my answer...See more

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