I have been getting a lot of miscasts lately and don't know why?

I have been using the same metal for years and the sprues are short and 8 gauge , the burn out is good because the other rings are coming out I only have trouble with the one type of metal and have been using it forever. Anybody have any suggestions?

July 2, 2013

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    What content metal you are using and with centerfuge casting machine but try one extra spin on the casting machine also cast hotter temperature but faster try that and good luck.

    Raffi Keuftedjian
    Owner, Ceramist at Five Star Dental Lab
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    Well I think I figured it out about the miscast. Thank you for all suggestions, what the problem was not enough oxygen in the gas mixture. Once the oxygen level was moved up the problem was solved. I guess the flame was not hot enough even though I had sharp edges on my buttons.

    Mary Brown, CDT
    Owner at G&B Dental Ceramics
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    1). If u r burning out more than 1 ring at a time. Burn out this problem metal by it self you could have a cold spot in the burn out oven. Or have just overloaded the ovens ability .

    2) if already burning out by its self increase the burn out temp by 100 degrees F. I have found this to help many...

    Darlene Threlkel, CDT
    Owner at DT-Dental Consulting
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