I have been getting a lot of miscasts lately and don't know why?

I have been using the same metal for years and the sprues are short and 8 gauge , the burn out is good because the other rings are coming out I only have trouble with the one type of metal and have been using it forever. Anybody have any suggestions?

July 2, 2013

  • Mary Brown, CDT · Owner at G&B Dental Ceramics

    Well I think I figured it out about the miscast. Thank you for all suggestions, what the problem was...(more)

  • Darlene Threlkel, CDT · Owner at DT-Dental Consulting

    1). If u r burning out more than 1 ring at a time. Burn out this problem metal by it self you could...(more)

  • Raffi Keuftedjian · Ceramist at Five Star Dental Lab

    What content metal you are using and with centerfuge casting machine but try one extra spin on the casting...(more)

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