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  • Jennifer Duguid

    Owner at Creamer Dental Laboratory

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  • Joshua Fitzgerald, CDT

    Certified Dental Technician

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  • Aaron Hoffman

    Co-Owner (I'd rather be in the trenches than a suit) at Sunflower Dental Studio

    We are a 3 owner 8 employee CnB lab started in '81. Doing our best to please our Doc's and their patients all while rockin out to some internet radio having a good time!

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  • Paul Karolidis, RDT

    Dental Technician/Denturist at Absolutely Dentures

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  • Scott Larson, CDT

    Owner at Larson Dental Lab

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  • Toan Nguyen

    Works at Dessau Dental Lab

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  • Jim Thacker

    Vice President at Utah Valley Dental Lab

    I have been in the lab business for nearly 11 years as the Vice President of Business operations for Utah Valley Dental Lab in Provo, Utah. Primary duties include oversight of sales, client services, finances, and all "non-technical"...

  • Joey Trevino

    Owner/Creator at Cascade Crowns

    I kinda dabble in everything. I just live, do all I can till I can't do no more and my time is up. What are you gunna be remembered for?

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  • Andy Woods

    President at Blue Box Dental Laboratory

    Founder and President of Blue Box Dental Laboratory, a successful customer service organization providing quality laboratory experiences for today's progressive dental practice.