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  • Al Anthony, CDT

    Owner at Dental Prosthetics

    In the lab business 29 years

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  • Jun Kim, RDT

    C&B Manager at Pow Laboratories, Inc.

    Jun Kim Started Dental Tech 2002 Studied Computer engineering at York Uni. GBC Dental 2008 Grad RDT since 2010 Proudly working at Pow Lab in Woodstock Ontario

  • Kent Kohli, CDT

    Fixed Facilitator at NDX National Dentex Corp.

    Kent is the Fixed Facilitator for National Dentex Corp.'s Professional and Technical Development Team. He is also a Noritake Instructor and independent consultant for Kuraray-Noritake Dental. Kent's passion is education and...

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  • Robert Shafer

    CAD/CAM Technician at Bay View Dental Lab

    CAD/CAM: 3Shape certified, Exocad power user, Zirkonzahn M5/M1, Wieland Select S2s Ask me questions! I love troubleshooting software issues. ;-)