Maverick Dental Celebrates 10 Years, Opens New Headquarters

Industry News · LMT Communications, Inc. · Nov 26, 2013

Owners of Maverick Dental Laboratories, a full-service dental laboratory in Monroeville, PA, celebrated the company's 10-year anniversary with the opening of a new headquarters.

Co-owners Joseph Fey and Larry Albensi decided that to continue the rapid growth of Maverick Dental, the company would need a larger facility to accommodate more employees and additional manufacturing equipment.

The search led them to a former automotive dealership, which merged the optimal design of office space and industrial-style workspace.

"With as many as 20 percent of the nation's auto dealerships vacant from the recent recession, the opportunity exists to acquire and convert the properties," explained Mr. Fey. "In our case, the former showroom accommodates all of our sales and customer service functions and the large repair garage, with added windows, works for our micro-manufacturing needs.

"It was a surprise that a building that once housed an automotive dealership could give us exactly what we wanted," Mr. Fey continued. "With the guidance of our team of talented architects and contractors, we transformed this building into the space we needed."