Loss of Quintessential Teacher, Arlo King, CDT

Personnel News · DENTSPLY Prosthetics · Nov 27, 2013

It is with great sadness that we must share news of the passing of Arlo King, CDT and Director of Technical Services for DENTSPLY Prosthetics. Arlo was well-known, -liked and -respected throughout the dental industry as the face and leader of DENTSPLY's laboratory technical support services. Those who knew Arlo were acutely aware of his love of the trade and strong loyalty to DENTSPLY. It was Arlo's goal to get better so he could get back to work. As he stated it in a recent text message, "I just can't go to work, so I am going to work from home."

Arlo joined DENTSPLY Ceramco in 1992 at the close of his 20-year U.S. Air Force military career. It was in the military where Arlo gained his training as a dental laboratory technician and launched his dental career. The influence of his military background was apparent in Arlo's can-do, get-it-done attitude. You could always count on his no-nonsense, honest opinion.

Those who knew Arlo were familiar with his great sense of humor and infectious laugh. One of his favorite stories to share was the time he had to take full-body impressions of the Air Force pilots for special gear—and it included both male and female crew. Arlo's sense of humor and genuine caring for his team, co-workers and customers made working with him a pleasure.

At the core of his being, Arlo was a teacher. He was the unequivocal, go-to person for all things DENTSPLY technical. As a matter of fact, he had his own DENTSPLY Ceramco web page - "Ask Arlo". He, not only possessed technical mastery and was very patient, but he also had the gift for being able to communicate his knowledge at a level which made details easy to understand and learning less intimidating.

Surely his teaching ability stemmed from his passion for learning. Give him a technical hurdle, the next chance he had, he'd be doing his homework to figure out how to solve it. This ability helped Arlo lead DENTSPLY from a traditional materials manufacturer to an integrated digital service provider.

During his 21-year career with DENTSPLY, Arlo was the technical lead for the Prosthetics product portfolio. In 2001, he played a key role in the launch of Ceramco® 3, which remains a leading global porcelain system. In 2009, he worked to develop the industry's first digital denture prescription, TruRx®, which bears a U.S. patent in his name.

Arlo's accomplishments list is extensive. He has lectured extensively in the U.S. and abroad. He has published articles in the major dental technical trade journals. Arlo has provided technical consult to key dental thought leaders. He has received numerous awards. Though highly regarded throughout the industry, Arlo was humble and spoke little of his lofty accomplishments. One of the accolades that meant a great deal to him was the "Excellence in Education" award, presented to him in 2008 by the National Association of Dental Labs in recognition of his outstanding educational contributions to the Dental Laboratory profession.

When not working, Arlo enjoyed creating, from carpentry/remodeling to gardening to photography. He was a natural craftsman, cultivating all that he could touch around him. He took great pride in sharing that his yard didn't have a blade of grass out-of-place. Arlo also enjoyed traveling, and on-the-road for DENTSPLY was where Arlo spent many hours. For a few years, his home-away-from home was an apartment in York, PA. During this time he used to joke that he didn't care what he ate, so long as it wasn't on a paper plate!

Arlo loved his family, especially his grandbabies, who were the light of his life. He rarely took vacation, but made an exception when it came to visiting his children.

On behalf of Arlo's DENTSPLY global family, we extend our heart-felt condolences to Arlo's wife, Archie, sons, Rickie and David, daughter-in-laws, Doris and Lilia and his six grandchildren. We are forever grateful for Arlo's leadership and friendship which have immeasurably enriched our lives and the dental industry.