Candulor USA Moves Headquarters to Amherst, NY

Industry News · Ivoclar Vivadent Inc. · Jun 25, 2013

To expand its distribution and to better serve the customer's needs, Candulor USA has moved its operations to the Ivoclar Vivadent headquarters in Amherst, NY. Candulor will continue as a separate division, while running customer service and logistics through Ivoclar Vivadent. Ted Smudde, Managing Director of Candulor USA since 2008, will continue to head the Candulor Division from Amherst, NY.

"This is a great opportunity for our customers," said Smudde. "Ivoclar Vivadent's reputation and tradition within the dental laboratory business is second to none. Our customers will really benefit from this relationship. They will continue to experience great service...just more of it."

As part of this integration, all of Candulor's products are now available for purchasing online as part of Ivoclar Vivadent's LabShop - Customers with questions can also call 800 436-3827.

"Candulor represents premier quality in the area of removable prosthetic products," added Smudde. "We have a wide range of products which allow for the creation of individual dentures and the Candulor philosophy attaches great importance to meeting the esthetic requirements of the patient."

Candulor has been a part of the Ivoclar Vivadent Group for over 40 years, running as a separate business. Founded in 1936 and based in Switzerland, Candulor teeth were first introduced to the U.S. market in 1952 by Swissedent.