Argen Corporation Appoints Jeff Lowthorp As Director of Business Development

Personnel News · LMT Communications, Inc. · Jun 24, 2013

The Argen Corporation, the largest dental gold producer in the world, today announced the appointment Jeff Lowthorp to Director of Business Development.

Jeff has over 20 years' experience as a dental technician establishing dental expertise and a savvy understanding of the dental industry. Mr. Lowthorp successfully operated his own laboratory and built a comprehensive skill set. He integrated his ceramics background and experience with Captek into his laboratory. Jeff developed a relationship with Captek and joined them as an Advanced Technical Specialist. He grew with Captek to manage the technical sales team as Sr. Vice President of Technical Service and Sales. Jeff has also established himself in the industry as a teacher and speaker at events.

"Jeff has been an integral part of Argen's growth and success," said Anton Woolf, CEO of Argen. His experience, knowledge and enterprising vision have been an important asset to Argen's expanding digital center and essential to the tremendous evolution of Argen."

Jeff has been an integral part of the team developing business and new products for Argen. He has also helped the Argen Digital Center develop and grow into an all-inclusive digital solution provider for laboratories to enter the digital highway.

As the Director of Business Development Mr. Lowthorp will lead business development, leverage his expertise and experience in developing new products, and represent Argen at events and speaking engagements.

"It is such an exciting time in the dental industry. The pace of change has never been so fast," proclaimed Jeff. Practical lab experience, new clinical knowledge and digital technology outside our industry are coming together creating new opportunities for dental labs and dentists to benefit from advancement in technologies that can save time, save money and create quality products."

Argen has been focused on bringing together their 50 plus years of experience and expertise in the dental industry with cutting edge technology to transform the organization into a comprehensive dental solution provider.