Amann Girrbach Continues On Growth Path: Using Brazil's Market Potential

Industry News · Amann Girrbach America, Inc. · Apr 15, 2013

International dental company Amann Girrbach has taken another important expansion step and ensured access to future markets in Brazil through a majority shareholding in its longstanding distribution partner Caltini. In the future, Amann Girrbach Brazil will be responsible for all the distribution and marketing in Brazil. "With a strong team in place we can really push forward with growth", explains Marco Ratz, Amann Girrbach's CEO.

Brazil, quantitatively speaking the largest implant market in the world, which is of great strategic significance for Amann Girrbach - and in the field of CAD/CAM in particular, extremely promising for the innovative dental company with its headquarters in Koblach (Austria) and branches in Germany, the USA and Singapore.

With Caltini, a prestigious trader in the Brazilian dental market, Amann Girrbach is joining in a force - which is an optimal basis for successful integration into the entire company. "A team of 22 people under the leadership of the present owner and a second general manager will be responsible for all distribution and all the marketing in Brazil", says Marco Ratz.

The Amann Girrbach Brazil headquarters are located in the south of Brazil, in Curitiba, which has a population of 1.7 million. According to Ratz, "Amann Girrbach Brazil, located one hour by air from Sao Paulo, is an excellent point for the strategic cultivation of the large Brazilian dental market".

Pictured: Everyone is looking forward to the success of AG Brasil (left to right): Henrique Mendes (Caltini - now AG Brasil), Georg Eickhoff (Head of Finance AG), Jeferson Calgaro (CEO Caltini - now AG Brasil), Marco Ratz (CEO AG), Reinhard Pfefferkorn (New Business Development AG).