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Jun 10-11, 2014
Oral Design Center Monterey
787 Foam St · Monterey, CA 93940

This course starts with lecture presentation, and you will be fabricating a single central PFZ crown with Noritake CZR and KATANA framework utilizing the photograph of an actual clinical case.  Details of build-up sequence will be explained, focusing on the Internal Stain Technique in various layers for single central shade matching.

▪ Controlling opacity of zirconia framework to mask out non-vital/discolored abutment with opacious body

▪ Selecting shade of underline structure and characterizing dentin structure

▪ Multiple firing method of translucent layer for replicating enamel structure

Another highlight is the demonstration of how to take shade with digital image for selecting powders and to evaluate the shade with surrounding natural dentition after the restoration is completed.  A single posterior build-up will also be demonstrated.


Message from Naoki Aiba, CDT (Host & Translator)

I am pleased to announce the DENTSCAPE Continuum is entering it’s fourth year.  It is my honor to present a young rising star, Mr. Naoto Yuasa’s as a guest instructor at my teaching facility, Oral Design Center Monterey.  Many of you have seen his ceramic works featured in QDT Yearbook 2011 and 2012.  Without doubt, he is one of the most talented ceramists in the scene.  It’s my dream come true to learn from him!  I hope you too will have a chance to take this extremely rare opportunity to learn from Mr. Yuasa!


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  • Naoto Yuasa, RDT

    Instructor at Kuraray Noritake Dental, Inc.

    Naoto Yuasa, RDT, is an Instructor for Kuraray Noritake Dental, Inc. After graduating from Toho Dental College in Tokyo, Japan in 2002 and the Advanced Program in 2004, he worked as a Ceramist at Kondo Dental Clinic in Kanagawa,...