Noritake KATANA Zirconia ML/HT

Digital Fabrication

KURARAY AMERICA offers Noritake KATANA Zirconia ML, a gradational multilayered zirconia, and HT, a high-translucent monolithic shaded zirconia. These esthetic, durable materials provide maximum ease of use. KATANA ML discs come in three multilayered shades: A-Light (for A1.5-2), A-Dark (for A2.5-3.5) and B-Light (for B1.5-2). KATANA HT discs come in three monolithic shades: HT10 (for Esthetic White EW00, EW0 and EW), HT12 (for A1, NP1.5, B1 and B2) and HT13 (for A2, A3 and NP2.5). HT is suitable for FCZ as well as substructures. An expanded line of KATANA ML C and D shades is launching soon.

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