This one day Press Technology Workshop is designed to provide the next level of training following our introductory press course. This course has been developed for ceramists that are experienced in the fabrication of All-Ceramic restorations and will feature IPS e.max Press materials. Attendees will fabricate an anterior bridge using cutback and layering techniques as well as a monolithic molar crown. Esthetic layering and staining techniques will be accomplished using a variety of IPS e.max Ceram materials. Topics covered will include: • Lithium disilicate material science • Ingot selection criteria • Wax up techniques for all-ceramic restorations
 • Proper sprueing, investing and burnout techniques
 • Pressing all-ceramic restorations 
 • Preparing pressed materials for layering ceramics
 • Esthetic layering with e.max ceramic materials • Contouring ceramic restorations • Proper shading and glazing techniques Note: Pre-course work is required for this course