This is specific introductory training for the 3Shape scanners and design software. Training is one-on-one hands-on using the specific scanner that will be delivered to the customer, and as such the scanner set-up will be customized for each customer based on the specific scanner model and add-on modules purchased. The training consists of basic scanning techniques and functionality of scanner to gain a comfort with the technology. Course participants will practice scanning models and use design module functionality in order to gain experience with the CAD software. The design training includes a specialized process that takes the customer through all the steps at production speed. Specific topics to be covered include:


  • Order creation and material selection


  • Scanning procedures


  • Types of designs


  • Design procedures for full contour and framework restorations


  • Hands-on scanning & designing


  • WPT business model and case workflow


  • Cementation of all-ceramic restorations