A three-day course designed to instruct complete denture prosthetic concepts for the dental professional that will increase personal knowledge, proficiency and productivity. This course emphasizes primarily three areas of complete denture fabrication.


It is imperative that the clinician provide patient records that can be utilized by the dental laboratory to guide them in the accurate selection and placement of the denture teeth. These are relatively simple clinical records to make but they can be extraordinarily helpful to the technician during the process of setting denture teeth.

Setting denture teeth

The previously mentioned patient records are programmed to special components of the Stratos Articulator. These components, combined with the user friendly Stratos Articulator, greatly facilitate the consistency, predictability and efficiency for setting denture teeth.

Denture processing

The Ivobase injection denture processing system is highlighted. Information will be provided on the concept of injection molding and how it minimizes polymerization shrinkage and produces a superior product. Participants will experience a detailed, step-by-step, hands-on educational experience that will include productive investing procedures, complete wax elimination, effective separator application, tips on injection and careful methods of deflasking. Attention to the details of processing can provide a processed denture that requires minimal finishing and polishing efforts.

Learning objectives

  • Smile Design tools of communication (Papillameter, Denture Gauge, Centric Tray, Biteplane and FormSelector)
  • Fabrication of wax rims (hands-on)
  • Stratos Articulation System and its components
  • Phonares and BlueLine Denture Tooth Systems
  • Anterior & posterior denture tooth setting using the guiding components of the Stratos Articulation system (hands-on)
  • Concepts of denture occlusion with emphasis on lingualized occlusion
  • Gingival waxing for try-in (hands-on)
  • Ivobase injection denture base processing system (hands-on)