As the dental market continues to shift it is imperative that case challenges can be analyzed and a material solution or process can be utilized, providing a cost effective and esthetic smile. For all-ceramics it may be the challenge of masking a dark preparation or for modern PFM cases the lack of space and the need to filter the opaque to achieve a tooth-like appearance. In this workshop you will work with an anterior all-ceramic and posterior metal ceramic framework and learn how to overcome the most common issues and challenges presented to a ceramist. Learn how selecting the right restorative material can be chosen without compromising strength and tooth-like quality and beauty.

Learning Objectives: Selection of the right material for the right case; PFM, zirconia-oxide, lithium silicate. The understanding of porcelains and how effects shape the shade outcome of any restoration. Use of “transitioning layering” to achieve the appearance of a properly reduced prep for thin and narrow reductions. Manipulation of layering materials to create tooth-like appearances. Understanding framework design and support. Shade matching throughout the layering process using a spectrophotometer. Evaluate framework appearance; color of material thickness, and translucency. Details: Instructor: Bill Mrazek, CDT, BS

Tuition: $275

Time: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Skill Level: All

CE: 8 CE Credit Hours

Method: Lecture & Hands-On