The Inventive Technician: the Development of lay:art style brushes from Renfert

LMT Communications, Inc. · Technical · Feb 2014

  • Figure 1

    Aquarell brushes apply force/paint in the same direction as the hair cuticles; no opposing force required.

  • Figure 2

    Ceramists apply porcelain in the opposite direction as the hair cuticles.

  • Figure 3

    The brush must be able to withstand the force created by the weight of the porcelain.

  • Figure 4

    The tip of the lay:art style brushes remains stable even under load.

  • Figure 5

    The brushes offer dimensional stability even after long-term use.

  • About the author

    Cim Ozyurt is a dental technician and Product Manager at Renfert GmbH in Hilzingen, Germany.