Technician's Gallery: How to Recreate Periodontal Tissue and Restore Edentulous Implant Patients

Jungo Endo, RDT · Technical · May 2010

  • Pictured are the anatomical full-contour waxup of the maxillary and mandibular arch and the metal framework cast on the KDF Neo Super Cascom casting machine.

  • The buildup: First, a layer of three different opaque colors that mimic the natural bone shade is added to the metal frame (left). Opaceous dentin is then used to cover the opaque layer and to build the basic tooth and alveolar bone form (middle). Porcelains are added layer by layer; notice that no one shade of porcelain is used in any particular area.

  • The buildup with final details added.

  • Examples of smaller cases I’ve done using the Oral Stratified Buildup Technique.

  • The final restoration.