Technician's Gallery: Full Mouth Fabrication and Reconstruction

Andre Michel · Technical · Oct 2009

  • The patient is very satisfied with the functionality and esthetics of the restorations.

  • The completed upper and lower restorations glazed and polished on solid model ready
    for delivery.

  • Self conscious about his smile, the patient wanted it functionally and esthetically restored. Michel and Dr. Barrera decided to use IPS e.max lithium disilicate because they could use a conservative prep design and because of the material’s high strength and esthetic properties.

  • Using IPS e.max ceram, Michel added internal stains and then layered using OE4 for the mamelons, Translucent OE1 for opal effects and Translucent Incisal 1 for the enamel.

  • The final waxup on the master impression with dies untrimmed so shapes could be perfected with soft tissue features in place.

  • The internal effects after firing.

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Andre Michel, owner of Andre‰Ûªs Dental Studio, in Dana Point, California, is an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and on its Board of Directors and is a technical instructor...

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