State-of-the-Art Screw-Retained Hybrids and Attached Bar Overdentures: Not Your Father's Highwater Bridge!

Tom Wade, CDT/TE · Technical · Mar 2011

  • Figure 12: Reinforcement framework on an MT bar; note that the Locators are covered.

  • Figure 8: Finished mandibular SRH on an MT bar with a convex, mirror-finish surface (Montreal Style Bar).

  • Figure 14: SRPhonares NHC wax setup.

  • Figure 4: Tight vertical case using Bredent VKS on the lingual of the bar.

  • Figure 10: MT bar with four Locators for attached overdenture.

  • Figure 13: Direct-attached Locator, implant-assisted overdenture with metal lingual.

  • Figure 3: Attached overdenture bar with four lingual VKS matrices.

  • Figure 9: Finished mandibular SRH on an MT bar, full wrap.

  • Figure 2: Mandibular milled titanium (MT) bar on a screw-retained hybrid (SRH).

  • Figure 5: Tissue side of a finished, four-Locator bar overdenture.

  • Figure 1: Maxillary attached overdenture bar with four Locators.

  • Figure 6: Precision component stacking; cast reinforcement frame still to be added.

  • Figure 7: Mandibular SRH bar using multiple systems (Nobel Replace Select and Straumann Tissue Level).

  • Figure 11: Duplicate stone (or refractory) model.

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