Press-i-Dent Pressable Ceramic and Radiance Porcelain From Aurident, Inc.

LMT Communications, Inc. · Technical · Sep 2005

  • Figure 4: After: The patient was very satisfied with the results, especially the esthetics and the anatomy that follows the Golden Proportion Rule, which states that the frontal view of an anterior arrangement should vary by an approximate ratio of 1.5:1 in length and width from tooth to tooth.

  • Figure 2: At the laboratory, Frank Kogel, master ceramist and owner of Kogel Dental Laboratories in Redlands, California, made master models, completed the waxup and sprued and invested the units using Aurident’s Aurivest investment.

  • Figure 3: Press-i-dent buildup showing nanotechnology dentin modifier and incisal application.

  • Figure 1: Before: The patient was unhappy with the staining and uneven bite of teeth #5-13.