Noritake Press-to-Zirconia From Darby

LMT Communications, Inc. · Technical · Sep 2005

  • Figure 2: The team choose a Lava zirconium-oxide bridge framework that ends at the bottom of the axial wall in preparation for a 360° pressed margin.

  • Figure 6: After: The final, seated restorations.

  • Figure 5: Enamel and Luster (opalescent) powders were used to finalize the anatomical contours of both the bridge and veneer.

  • Figure 3: Lindke applied Shade Base Stain to the frame to assure ultimate wetting of the ceramic to the zirconium oxide and increased bond strength.

  • Figure 1: Before: A middle-aged male patient presented with a failing three-unit PFM bridge for teeth #6-8.

  • Figure 4: Wax was added over the bridge framework and the veneer to establish definitive dentinal form.