Nobel Biocare™ Zirconia Abutment and Procera® Crown Offer Esthetic Restoration of Tooth #9

LMT Communications, Inc. · Technical · Jun 2007

  • Figure 5: After: The patient was very satisfied with the final results and has referred many of her family and friends to Dr. Fain for restorative treatment.

  • Figure 3: Brock placed the waxed abutment into the Forte scanner, launched the Procera® software on the computer and scanned the abutment.

  • Figure 1: Before: Brian Brock, CDT, made a temporary restoration which helped preserve the soft tissue.

  • Figure 2: Brock used a plastic temporary abutment from Nobel Biocare™ that he cut down and waxed to ideal contour.

  • Figure 4: Using the Procera® software, Brock established the angle, height and width of the abutment.