Ceramco® Press Porcelain Pressed-to-Metal

LMT Communications, Inc. · Technical · May 2011

  • Figure 3: Robert Michael, CDT, prepared two different frameworks to test how the color of the final restoration would be affected. Top row: framework #1. Bottom row: framework #2.

  • Figure 6: The patient opted for framework #2.

  • Figure 2: The two solid die models.

  • Figure 1: A woman presented for evaluation of a bridge, teeth #8-10, with a fractured distal incisal angle and metal margins. She requested a PFM bridge that was both practical and esthetic.

  • Figure 4: The conventional bridge with framework #1 produced a “cooler,” lower chroma, more translucent shade.

  • Figure 5: The modified bridge with framework #2 resulted in a slightly “warmer” shade, influenced by the background and mild characterizations.