BIOMET 3i Gold-colored Encode® Abutments Eliminate Gray Hue Associated With Metallic Abutments

LMT Communications, Inc. · Technical · Jun 2007

  • Figure 6: After: Anterior view of the PFM crown post cementation to the Encode Abutment. Note the natural color of the cervical periimplant tissues rather than a dark shadow created by gray-colored metallic abutment collars.

  • Figure 2: Occlusal view of an Encode Healing Abutment replicated in die stone. The codes on the occlusal surface of the die were scanned and transferred to the computer software prior to designing the abutment.

  • Figure 5: Anterior view of the PFM crown on the Encode Abutment in the master cast.

  • Figure 3: CAD images of the virtual Encode Abutment: the top image is the initial abutment design with the periimplant soft tissue layer removed; the bottom image is the final abutment design.

  • Figure 4: Anterior view of the milled Encode Abutment in place on the master cast.

  • Figure 1: Before: Preoperative anterior view of the 45-year-old patient with her removable partial denture in place. Note the asymmetry between the maxillary central incisors.